Monday, March 30, 2009

Seth on the Double Entendre Economic Catch-22

When I say economy, however, I am not simply speaking of economics in financial terms--rather in the larger meaning of economy in sparing down, cuffing out non-essentials, fearing to waste not simply money, but energy or time.

All of these ideas are based upon the fear that an individual possesses only so much energy that must be hoarded, directed--not easily, but with fantastic force. The clothes dryer in the basement represents energy that you are afraid to use. You realize you have the money to run the machine or to buy the washer. It seems somehow sinful, however, wasteful and wrong.

(9:30 p.m.) Give us a, the machine, rebukes you by its presence, because it represents a dilemma. All of this is quite aside from the exterior energy crisis.

The grasping, licentious attitudes connected with world energy are the results of the same attitudes.

There is not an energy crisis.

While you believe, however, that energy is limited then you are gluttonous for using it at the expense of poorer nations--who will then, sharing the same beliefs, retaliate.

Energy must be used. It creates more of itself. It cannot be hoarded.

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