Friday, July 23, 2010

Reality is Old News

Abraham, Phoenix AZ, 12/5/09

You want to say, "Reality is OLD NEWS!"

Even what's manifested right now, it's old news, it's past tense. The money in my bank account right now is past tense. My physical bodily conditions right now are past tense.

They're past tense because there is a vibrational reality that's new and vivid and current, and it's who I really am, and it's based on that (which) all of my emotions ARE.

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  1. When my husband’s depression got really bad in February, I sort of lost my connection with source due to how I was focusing on everything. I would let my focus go to more negative feelings and travel down the emotional scale to meet my husband in his depression. That really wasn’t a pretty picture because we both were going back and forth between depression and anger.