Monday, August 2, 2010

He Wants A Million Dollars But He Doesn't Want To Go Work For It Part 2

Part One here.

Guest: It seems like the resistance is so subtle; it's like its somewhere in the background of the drama you don't even recognize it.

Abraham: We wouldn't call it "subtle", well, maybe that's a good word for it, but we would use a more blunt word, and that is "I've practiced contradictory thoughts so long, that they feel natural."

And so when you start imagining having a million dollars, and we're going to play here with you for just a little bit, but when you start imagining what that means, and we don't want you to just get a million dollars and stop, you're going to want a million dollars always at your disposal. You're going to want to spend that and have another on its heels, because we promise you once you get used to millions of dollars moving through your experience, a million dollars won't last you very long.  Because you begin to live in a way...and... your property taxes go way up.

So what is it that we are wanting you to trust in? The fact that you can be or do or have anything.  How is that we want you to approach it? Slowly and gently. We want you to be happy with where you are. You have to make peace with where you are. 

So you can't say, "Oh my life is miserable, and I have to do all these things I don't want to do and boy if I had a million dollars then I wouldn't do any of these things because... can you feel how jumbled the energy is?

What you're saying is "Universe, I'm miserable and unhappy where I stand, please give me something that will make it better." And the Universe says, "Sorry, we can only give you more things that will make you miserable," because that's the vibe you're offering.

And you say, well how do I offer something other than...I want to be over there and I'm over here.

And we say well, talk about what's over there. And most people have a very difficult time talking about what's over there because they've been talking so long and hard with such detail about what's over here that that's what is active in their vibration. And that's why we're talking about these emotional journey. You've got to talk yourself into a different vibe and then different things will come to you.

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