Monday, September 13, 2010

False Choice Between Your Church's Agenda and Call of Source

Guest: I was raised in a very strict, oppressive religion; I was raised specifically in the Morman Church. And as I follow my guidance system, and as I learn this, it feels so good. And where this initially came from was the day I was so frustrated: I said everyone has an agenda. My mom's agenda is to get me to go to this church. And the Church's agenda is to get me to go here. And my friends just want me to go out and get drunk... 

I just want some guidance. (snip) I'm having such a hard time because this feels so good, but there are some aspects of it that conflict with my beliefs and what I was raised (with)...that are so core, it feels like that's me, and that's Source, and how can i leave that religion behind without feeling that I'm disconnecting from Source and from God?

Abraham: Well, we think the thing that is most bothersome about this is it feels to you like you have to choose this, and by choosing this, whatever it is,  push against that. In other words it's like saying I say "Yes" to you, and I say "No" to you. And what we want you to understand is that in the same way that there are aspects of what you are hearing here that are appealing to you - some will resonate with what they hear from Abraham, some will resonate (with) what they hear from someone else.  Don't ask anything to be the right thing for everyone, just pick from it what is right for you where you are and let it be the next logical step for you. 

So when you look at your church and you say it served me so well and still serves me so well in this aspect, and this aspect, and this aspect. You don't have to close the door on something. And what may be troubling you is that church is like almost every other church, it wants you to close the door on everything else.  It wants to say to you, everything that you are looking for is here.

And the reason that that flies in the face of the eternal expanding universe of which you are intuitively a part is because you know that something that has been created cannot stand still. IOW, everything has to continue to expand. And so you in your life experience are becoming more than what your understanding of what that particular chuch is allowing you to become. And so you are feeling sort of bound by it, and then you feel guilty as you try to move beyond it.

And we say the True Essence of that church, and every other, would say to you that you are an Eternal Being, would say to you that the The Source that you are reaching for you have access to. So don't say "No" to it, just say "Yes" to the aspects of Life that are calling you and you will discover that the connection to Source that you at one time looked for there, can be in many different places that it doesn't reside within A Religion it doesn't reside within the walls of a building, it resides in the Universal Forces and  it is a vibration that you tune into and you and you have access to it you see.

And then don't go running around, as most in most churches do, and  proclaim that you found something so much better, just live your alignment and when you live your alignment you find value everywhere you look you see.

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