Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Make Peace With Your Worst Case Scenario

Abraham, North Los Angeles, CA  03/06/2004

Abraham: It's an emotional journey first, more than it is a fixing something in physical form journey. In other words, you've got to find a way of not letting what you fear be so bad. You've got to make peace with your worst case scenario. And when you make peace with your worst case scenario, then you will discover that you can feel better, and then things will start coming back into alignment with you.

Jerry talked, often, about people that he knew, that were having financial disaster. And he would see them struggle against it, as things just got worse and worse and worse. And then the physical evidence, or manifestation, of their collapse began showing, as they would lose the car and the boat and the stuff and the house. And then he would notice that once it was gone, then things would start turning around.  But it bothered him that it all seem to have to be lost before it would start turning around.

And we explained that it was because as long as they were fighting against the things they feared so much, they kept it alive and active in their vibration. And it wasn't until it happened and there was nothing more to fear that they experienced a shift. Now you don't have to do that. In other words, you can turn it around at any point, but you get the sense of it.

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