Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Abe: What is Nervousness?

Male Guest: I want you to explain nervousness and how that falls into our relationship to getting things that we want, and why it's there in the first place.

Abraham: Well, nervousness is a manifestation, an indicator, manifestations...because emotions are manifestations, aren't they? It's a manifestation of wanting something that you're not quite vibrationally up to speed with.

Guest: Right.

Abraham: And therefore. IOW, you demonstrated it really well because we were very specific about you, and you just kept turning around and looking behind you. IOW, you were not expectant, not really expectant of something that you want. There are a lot of people really expectant of what they want, so much so that they head this way when we're not even pointing at them. Sometimes we're pointing over there and someone comes from over there because they are so wanting and expecting, and so, we have a question or two for you. How do you think your beliefs or expectations have come to be what they are?

Guest: Trial and error.

Abraham: Good words. There never is any error, but we know what you mean...Trying.. so trial and error.

Guest: Being in the experience, going for it.

Abraham: And what kind of an experience has trained you to not expect what you want?

Guest: Not...?

Abraham: IOW, our we in agreement that nervousness is an active vibration that is to the contrary of something wanted. So what do you think has trained you into a habit of thought, which is just a belief is just a thought you keep thinking, what do you think has trained you into that?

Guest: Well, the interesting thing is I'd be there and I'd set my intention, and I'd visualize what I'd want, and I'd be ready to go for it and allow it, but once I'm in the situation, the nerves comes in for a reason I'm trying to figure out on my own.

Abraham: Well, you just demonstrated that, and that's a wonderful thing, but we want you to try to hear the question that we're asking. What kinds of things cause you to perpetuate a vibration or a belief that prevents you from getting you what you want, now now now now now.

Guest: I'm assuming focusing on the false belief, right?

Abraham: Yeah, but what do you think, this is really good, what do you think, we're just going to enjoy it ourselves, what do you think, what do you think is causing it to be active right now? IOW, you were in a situation where we looked around the room and found you. We wanted you. You wanted to be here and we wanted you. And yet even with us pointing right at you, you couldn't perceive it in that way because there is a belief system within you that is contrary to that, but there was no reason, there was no, here it is, there was no reason for that belief system here and now because something entirely different was happening. 

You wanted to be here. We wanted you to be here. There was no reason for you, in this moment, there was no reason for you to be getting anything other than that except that you've got a habit of vibration that bled into this moment; it bled into this moment and covered up the reality of this moment. 

Guest: Okay.

Abraham: Because your desire was so strong that we found you, and even though we could feel the vibrational variance within you, we knew that we could get you here, and we knew we would have a meaningful conversation; iow, we weren't worried about any of that, but are you getting how good this is?

Iow, so we want to say it again, it is so important:There are many moments in time when you are ready for what you want, you are ready for what's in your vortex, except that in the moment that it begins to flow towards you, you instead let an old vibrational pattern become dominant. Now how would you go about keeping an old vibrational pattern from being dominant now?

Guest: I would love to know that.

Abe: By deliberately practicing new vibrational patterns and then watching the outcome of it until you show yourself that you have vibrational control. By understanding it first of all. By accepting that the Law of Attraction is a powerful law and that it is responding to the way you feel. But there's something we still haven't quite formulated here in the way that it is possible, so let's stay with this because you're not alone in this. Everyone is experiencing this. Because the Big Question is, and it is such a big question:

How do I, in my powerful now, where all my power is, where the junction between me and Me meets, where I have the potential of preparing my vibrational grid to allow myself to be ready for what's in my vortex to flow like water flows downstream into  my experience right now: What is preventing that from happening? 

Old beliefs... Old beliefs that I thought yesterday, old beliefs that I thought last year? Old beliefs that I thought five years ago? No, a belief that is active now. Because you don't store these beliefs up, you gather the propensity for them; IOW, it's more likely for you to do that now because you did it yesterday and the day before and the day before and the day before....it's likely that you will do it. But it's not because you did it that it's happening, it's because you're doing it that its happening. And you have the power to do something different right now. Did you get that? And you have the ability to see it differently if you'll try just a little bit.

An experience like this, you'll never forget this, an experience like this, you've attracted an experience like this where now your belief has shifted. IOW, there are many times you're nearly where you want to be, not quite,  so you nearly have the experience that you want, not quite, but that's why we so much want you to hear us when we say. There are two ways to know whether you're in alignment with what you want and Who You Are or not: One is by the way you feel, and the next it by what happens. So what has this experience demonstrated for you?

Guest: I appreciate this experience because it's helping me shift my beliefs.

Abraham: But what did this experience demonstrate for you? What is the experience? Hundreds of people in the room, you're in the hot seat, what did this experience demonstrate for you?

Guest: Um...

Abraham: I must have been in the vibrational vicinity or I wouldn't be in the hot seat right now. I must have been in the vibrational vicinity. Good for me. Must have been in the vibrational vicinity. So what are the components for being in the vibrational vicinity? How did you prepare yourself for this experience of being in the hot seat?

Guest: Uh, I did my hair. I...

[Audience: Hoots and hollers.]

Abraham: Best. Answer. Ever. You expected be here. IOW, there was more expectation to be in the hot seat than expectation not to be.

Guest: Yes, because I've acquired a lot of grateful knowledge from you, but being here, I get to personally ask you, and it's much more in detail, and it's personal.

Abraham: So I thought about it. I wanted it. I liked the idea of it. I got pretty sure of it. I felt good about it. And in the quiet of my own experience, there wasn't that much to challenge it. So imagined it, I visualized it, I visualized it enough that I wanted to present myself in the way I wanted to... that's all that it is you see. That's what prepaving is.

And the more that you prepave what you want, the less active those old hindering beliefs will be.That's what we're reaching for here. The more you prepave what you want, the more the balance tips, and the hindering beliefs just begin to peter away.

Guest: Personally, I feel the allowing factor the hardest part of the whole process.

Abraham: Well let's talk about what allowing is. Allowing is just a deliberate choosing of a vibration that allows it. We've been calling this the Art of Allowing for quite a long time. And now in the context of this vibrational grid that we are wanting you to focus upon, we'll give a new definition of what allowing is. Allowing of what, first of all?

Allowing my frequency to be in keeping with what's in the vortex in order to allow what's in the vortex to flow to me. Allowing. And so, allowing is about focus. Allowing is about thinking and feeling, thinking and feeling. So, I don't just stumble upon allowing, I practice myself into allowing, that's why we call it an Art not an accident. The accident of allowing. You have those all the time, btw, because there is something that you're observing, but the Art of Allowing, the Art of feeling myself into the frequency of that which I really am, in order to create some outcome? No, in order to feel the deliciousness of allowing my frequency to meet the level of that which I really am, to feel the fullness of Who I Am, the clarity of Who I Am, the fun of Who I Am, the beauty, the brilliance, the stability, the vitality, the On-ness, the Oneness, the Wholeness, the Fullness.

Guest: Right.

Abraham: Good Hair.

[Audience: Applause] 

Excerpted from Seattle, WA 8/26/2012 Workshop 

© Abraham-Hicks Publications 2012

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