Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Normal to Throw A Fit - That's Guidance.

Abraham - San Antonio, TX 11/17/07

(Blogger's note: Guest says that when she gets into relationships, the first thing she does is look for what's wrong with they guy and is looking for a process for that.)

Abraham: So here's this vision of what you want and here's this person that doesn't look like what you want. That's why you freak out! And then you say "You… bugger (emphatic)... YOU should be like THIS! And then I'd be altogether."

And we say, what you want to understand is, it's normal to throw a fit. We want you to make peace with that. It's normal not to feel good when you're not letting yourself be who you really are. That's guidance. That's guidance telling you [that] you're looking at something different than what you want, so right there when you're looking at it, you can do something about it other than ask him to change because the vision is there and there's plenty in this Virtual Escrow that is contained right there in that person, right there in that client /employer/ that segment of the universe.

There's plenty in there that matches this, you just have to go on the treasure hunt and find it. And when you do, you've matched you're vision, you see. And that's how you have your cake and eat it too. That's how you line up with who you are. That's how you be true to who you are. That's how you find true integrity. Integrity with who you are without offending everybody else. And that's how you keep moving from place to place, person to person, face to face in order to find what you want.

That was really good.

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