Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Seth: The Results of a Belief in Inferiority or Unworthiness

Blogger's Note: Sue Watkins was a member of the Seth Classes and close to Jane Roberts and Rob Butts. I changed the formatting slightly to match the blog's typical format.

Sue Watkins, Conversations with Seth, Volume I, p. 112

Sue: As the weeks passed and the belief assignments continued, it appeared that more of us were indeed starting to listen to what we were constantly telling ourselves. In fact, some of us started to construct a whole new vale of tears out of what we thought we were hearing. Diana, for example, read a belief essay filled with self-recrimination for what she saw as endless areas of "lousy beliefs." It seemed to her that all of her beliefs contradicted themselves! "I can't seem to get it together no matter what I do," she read. "I'm just doing a rotten job of projecting my beliefs, I guess. I've got a pretty inferior reality!"

To this, Seth responded with great good humor: For all of you, on your papers, or the papers in your head, write down what I hope will be your prime belief -- and it is hardly original, you have heard me say this often: I am a worthy, deserving person. I have a right to my life in this universe. I have a right to be because I AM!

Now, as you examine your own beliefs, any beliefs that contradict that one, scratch them out. If you do that, you will have no difficulties. And do not compare yourselves with the idea of perfection! You are perfect as you are. You are happening!

When you believe that you are unworthy, and when you interpret this particular belief, for example, to mean that you are fat, or that you are lonely, or that you are poor, you are following through with your beliefs perfectly! It is a beautiful example of your beliefs in action, in your terms!

If you believe that you are inferior, Diana, and you find before you the result of your belief, then you have done an excellent job of projecting the belief outward! Pat yourself on the back! But if you do not like the results, then change your beliefs. There is nothing wrong with you. You did a good job of projecting your beliefs.

There is nothing wrong with any of you, with your being, and with what you are. And do not ever let anyone tell you that there is! You are simply using your abilities and learning how to do it. And you continue to learn. But there is nothing wrong with the self that is learning, and that is what I want you to know.

There is nothing wrong with the selves that you are. Do not identify beliefs that you do not like with the self that you are. 

© Robert and Laurel Butts

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