Sunday, June 27, 2010

What is it with Baldness / Hair Loss Anyway?

Abraham, Asheville, NC 05/31/09

Guest: What is it with male pattern baldness. Why is it we lose our hair? And most people in the same spot?

Abraham: Don't look over there! (Abraham and guest look at Jerry – crowd laughs) Well it's expectation. It isn't only that you inherit the propensity which is expectation also, but after you inherit the propensity, you inherit the expectation. You just get what you expect. That's why there are much more significant issues on the same subject.. like why do we decline as we move through time? The answer is your manifestations follow the pattern of your thought. Your thought creates resistance.

Guest: Can we bring it back?

Abraham: If you are willing to get in the vortex about it, your body will respond. You have the wherewithal to get any physical condition you are asking for. Could you get taller? Yes. Could you get stronger? Yes. Could you feel more vital? Yes. Can you change the nature of your physical body? Yes. But what if my hormones or my chemistry has changed? Well, your body has changed in response to your expectations.

Let's go deeper. Let's talk about cellular expectations. Do I have the ability to focus my mind in such a way to influence the behavior of those cells? Absolutely! Most people don't believe they can, so they don't bother trying. In other words, most people just accept what is, and complain about it. Almost every behavior you see when people are wanting to reduce, or change their bodies in some way, almost all of that behavior is out-of-the-vortex behavior, where if they work hard, and struggle hard enough then they believe they will get results and they get the results to the degree that they expect them.

But oh, wouldn't it be wonderful to get in the vortex, to line up with who you really are, and from inside the vortex utilize the energy that creates worlds to flow towards something that you want. If a healer can influence wellness in another who is sick, surely that same healer can shift the cells in his own body!

Guest: Wouldn't it be better to just get in the vortex and try to get comfortable about not having the hair now?

Abraham: Well, that's the starting place. If you get in the vortex and then focus on that subject then the vortex will spit you out. So the first step in staying in the vortex on that subject is to make peace with what-is. You've been hearing us talking about making peace with what-is. Making peace with it means not pushing against it. And not pushing against it is like meditation. When you make peace with it, there is no longer resistance, and now the vortex takes you right in.

Guest: And then you ask for it?

Abraham: You've already asked for it. Now you line up with what you've asked for. Just get your mind off it. If we were standing in your physical shoes, no matter what issue we were trying to find improvement on, we would just use any excuse we could find all day long to get in the vortex. We'd just get in no matter what! Why? To improve your life? Sure. To get stuff you want? Of course. But the REASON we'd get in the vortex is it just feels so good! Clarity feels so good! Surefootedness feels so good! Worthiness feels so good! Certainty in who I am and my well-being feels so good.

We'd get in the vortex because it feels good, not because getting in there will give me the goodies. All the goodies you want, you want because you want to feel good. So when you get in there and feel good they've all gotta come. Just don't be worried about the vortex spitting you out. Now you know how to get right back in. You do. You know how to get back in. You've ust gotta want to be in. Gotta find thoughts that help you in. And don't start with the hard stuff.

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