Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dead or Alive: There is No Separation Between the Vortex and You

Abraham answers a question about what happens to dead people in Sydney, Australia on 12/13/09

Abraham: And everything that you hear us do through the words that we express through Esther, or the books that we express through Esther, every effort that we make to help you understand... is to help you understand the wholeness of you: that we are all in this together,  that there is not a separation between that which you call Physical and that which you call Non-Physical, but for your lackful vibration that deprives you of it.

Now think about what we just said to you. So in this Vortex where all of the aspects of everything that you're asking for are, and where your Inner Being is, where the larger part of you is,  where the solutions to all things that you want are - it is from that vantage point that all new energies come forth -  this Vortex is this vibrational place that you can tune yourself to, and when you tune yourself to it...

And here's the reason that we love this question more than we can convey to you, and the answer even more than we can convey to you  is because when you get into the Vortex, you get to see what Source sees. You'll be the Lover that Source is, you see, and yet you want to make what Source sees entirely different than what you see when you're happy, or than what you see when your elated.

But think about those masters of your society, the Masters of Sport, of the Masters of Music, or the Masters of Art,  or the Masters...those that you revere, those that you see who have tuned themselves to the creative energies and have expressed themselves in the most fantastic ways: What are they painting about, what are they singing about, what are they writing about?  They're writing about what Source sees out here on this Leading Edge It's time to accept the bigness, and the wholeness and the goodness of this Physical World that is an extension of Source, and stop trying to hold out for this "Heaven" that man has conjured that he separates himself from every time he condemns himself for not being good. (applause)

When you get in the Vortex and those things occur to you, those thoughts that are occurring to you are the thoughts of Source. IOW, That's what we were talking about earlier as you choose the feeling and you tune yourself to it. You can tune yourself right in and you can answer for yourself exactly how Source sees and what Source sees, and no words that you'll ever hear from anyone else will ever be anything close to satisfying once you've gotten into the Vortex and you've taken a look and a whiff and listen and a feel and a sniff to what Source sees and hears and smells, you see.

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