Thursday, October 14, 2010

Head in the Clouds/Pollyanna vs Dynamic Living

Abraham, Mexican Cruise, 01/23/10:

Guest: I find myself, okay, majority of the time in a really happy place. I don't really look at reality, I just try to be in a place where I feel really good. And so I'm looking for a feeling...

Abraham: Now, we want to just ask you a question, all of you:

So did we make it sound to you like we want you to ignore reality, and just find the feeling place, and then just feel your way around, or did you understand us to say ignore reality because it's easier then to feel your way into the Vortex, then you tune into the whole of Who You Are, and then you give your undivided attention to Life?

That's quite a different subject, isn't it? And some of you aren't quite making the jump. You've got the ignoring the reality part down, and you've got the feeling for something..that's why they call you Pollyanna, but you're sort of, you've got your head in the clouds because you're not really focusing. In other words, we want you to do it all.

We want you to ignore reality long enough to get into the Vortex, knowing that once you are in the Vortex that your undivided attention will cause you then to devour Life.

In other words, when you are conversing with someone who is tuned in and passionate about something, they're not ever accused of being Pollyanna. They're talking about future worlds; they're talking about dynamic things; they're talking about new technology; they're talking about new inventions; they're talking philosophy; they're talking about the best of life; they're talking about how Life is good to them in this way and this way and this way and this way.

We're not suggesting that you go to the Vortex and you sit over dinner and then someone says, "Hi how are you?"

And you say, "Flow and Ease."

And they say, "Did you move into your new house?"

And you say, "Appreciation. Clarity. Blissful."

That's not what we're encouraging. We want you to use the tools to tune in, so that you can give them the real response when someone says, "How are you doing?" and you say, "I have never been better. It's as if everything that I've ever lived is all queued up for this moment." You'll give them a hair blowing back experience, but they won't call you Pollyanna.

Guest: Maybe that was the wrong choice.

Abraham: "I never felt better in my life. Everything is going my way. Abundance is flowing. Ideas are flowing. Books are flowing through me. People are coming everywhere. Anything I want I can be or do or have."

"How are you?"

"Check," they'll say, "Check," but they won't call you 'Pollyanna'.

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