Thursday, November 8, 2012

Seth: Negative focus robs you of energy you need to help

Seth, The Nature of the Psyche, Session 800

Seth: You form your own reality. That reality contributes to the experience of others, but each of you possesses a unique, original stance in space and time that is yours alone in quite practical terms, regardless of time's relative existence.

Only when you operate from your own stance can you help others to the best of your ability. To anticipate danger, or to imaginatively take on the troubles of others robs you of the very energy with which you could help them.

I am not saying, therefore, to turn your eyes from the unfortunate conditions of the world. Practical help is needed in all areas of the human life.

Yet it is far better, and more practical ultimately, to concentrate upon the beneficial elements of civilization-far better to organize your thoughts in areas of accomplishment than to make mental lists of mans deficiencies and lacks. Such a practice leads to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, in which effective action seems impossible.

Life possesses an exuberance.

If this is cherished, nurtured, encouraged, then additional energy is generated that is not needed for the purposes of daily private life-a superabundance, that can be effectively directed in those areas of the world where help is most needed. The strength, vitality, and effectiveness of thought is seldom considered, Thought, you may say, will not stop a war-yet what do you think started such a war?

Throughout history the downtrodden have often risen into power, using force, rebelling against their oppressors; and yet, learning little from that experience, they turn and become the elite, the new power-holders. Their physical conditions may be completely changed. Now theirs, the offices of government, the wealth. Gone are the conditions that, it would seem, caused the uprising. Yet in retaliation they strike out, forming a new class of downtrodden who must in their turn rise and retaliate.
Despite all appearances, conditions of an exterior nature do not cause wars, or poverty, or disease, or any of the unfortunate circumstances apparent in the world. Your beliefs form your reality. Your thoughts generate practical experience. When these change, conditions will change.

To add your own energy, focus, and concentration to dire circumstances in other portions of the world does not help, but adds to, such situations.

© Laurel Butts

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