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Seth Classic: Point of Power Exercise from NOPR


(You keep contrasting) what you want with what you have, and it is very easy to become discouraged in so doing, but looking for errors in the past will not help you. A correctly utilized five-minute period of time can be of great benefit, however. In this period concentrate upon the fact that the point of power is now. Feel and dwell upon the certainty that your emotional, spiritual and psychic abilities are focused through the flesh, and for five minutes only direct all of your attention toward what you want. Use visualization or verbal thought—whatever comes most naturally to you; but for that period do not concentrate upon any lacks, just upon your desire.

Use all of your energy and attention. Then forget about it.  Do not check to see how well it is working. Simply make sure that in that period your intentions are clear. Then in one way or another, according to your own individual situation, make one physical gesture of act that is in line with your belief or desire. 

Behave, physically, then, at least once a day in a way that shows that you have faith in what you are doing. The act can be a very simple one. If you are lonely and feel unwanted, it can merely involve your smiling at someone else.  If you are poor, it can involve such a simple thing as buying an item you want that costs two cents more than the one you would usually buy—acting on the faith, even that feebly, that the two cents will somehow be given you or come into your experience; but acting as if you had more than you do.

In health terms, it involves conducting yourself once a day as though you were not sick in whatever way given you.  But the belief in the present, reinforced for five minutes, plus such a physical action, will sometimes bring literally awesome results.

Such effects will occur however only if you cease looking into the past “for what is wrong,” and stop reinforcing your negative experience.  These same principles can be used in any area of your life, and in each you are choosing from a variety of probable events.

Those of you who believe in reincarnation in more or less conventional terms, can make the error of using or blaming “past” lives, organizing them through your current beliefs. It is bad enough to believe that you are at the mercy of one past, but to consider yourself helpless before innumerable previous errors from other lives puts you in an impossible situation; the conscious will is robbed of its power to act. Such lives exist simultaneously. They are other expressions of yourself, interacting, but with each conscious self possessing the point of power in it’s own present.

It is for this reason that “past-life information” is so often used to reinforce current personal social situations—because, like the past in this life, such memories are constructed through present belief.

(Emphatically) If such information is given to you by another, by a psychic, for example, that  individual is also very apt to pick up those “lives” that make sense to you now, and to structure them precisely along the lines of your beliefs. This may not seem obvious. In an individual beliefs that  he is basically unworthy he will recall or be given, those lives that justify that idea. If he thinks he must pay for his sins now, then that belief will attract memory of those lives that will reinforce it; this will be highly organized recall, leaving out everything that does not apply.

If an individual believes that he is being taken advantage of , and is caught in a mundane existence, unappreciated, then he may receive from himself or others information showing that in other lives he was greatly honored—thereby reinforcing his belief that now he is taken for granted, or worse.

These statements of mine are general, for each individual will have his or her own way of reinforcing beliefs. If you think you are ill, most likely past life info will show that you committed crimes for which you are now doing penance. In whatever framework you choose you will always find proper reinforcement for your belief.

The truth as far as it can be stated is this: YOU FORM YOUR REALITY NOW, in capital letters, through he intersection of soul in flesh, and in your terms the present is your point of power.

So you want as break.

"Yes," says Jane. Jane’s trance had been excellent, her delivery steady and often very emphatic. “Boy, I’ve got the whole thing right there, “ she said enthusiastically.

Seth, The Nature of Personal Reality, p. 311-312


  1. Posted WITHOUT permission of the author. Furthermore it is a lie to say that Seth is the direct predecessor of Abraham

  2. Posted WITHOUT permission of the author. Furthermore it is a lie to say that Seth is the direct predecessor of Abraham

  3. Of course Seth is the predecessor of Abraham, Seth came thru first before Abraham, a lot of what Abraham preaches is the same as Seth. If anything, it just adds validity to them both. If they were different saying different things about the same things then you'd question the validity of both of their teachings!

  4. Nice to read your article! I am looking forward to sharing your adventures and experiences.

  5. With the exception that “Abraham” is a LOA money making venture, designed to pray on the desperate. By using new-agey terms he (she) has placed themselves in the forefront as if creating reality is a whole new concept, again praying on the desperate and somewhat uneducated.


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