Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Abe Classic: Releasing Resistance

Abraham-Hicks, Fairfax, VA 4/29/95

Imagine this situation: A car is driving down the street at 100 mph, and it runs into a tree which is standing right in the middle of the road. Big problem. Two factors are involved - one is the velocity of the car and the other is the tree standing there. If the car were only going 5 mph, even if it hit the tree, it would not be a big problem. Or it could easily avoid the tree at 5 mph. Or, if the tree were not there at all, the car could be going 200 mph and it would not be a problem.

Every now and again, somebody will say to us, "Abraham, is it normal for all hell to break loose in one's life when they begin doing Abraham work?" And we say, "Yes, in the beginning." Because the first thing we encourage you to do is identify and clarify your desire. Desire is synonymous with the velocity of the car. When you identify and clarify your desire, your car goes faster, which means you're likely to run into those trees; trees which were there, in most cases, for many years, but you were not noticing at a slower speed. Now that your energy is moving faster because of your desire, your resistance is more apparent. Are you getting a sense of what we're talking about?

Most people, when they get in that situation, slow the car down. They slow the wanting down. And that gives them a temporary feeling of well-being. But it doesn't do anything about the resistance. So you can go through years, with this resistance getting a little more and your car going slower and slower. That's why people decline as they move through time. They want less, which means they summon less energy - because in wanting something that they cannot have, they were frustrated and banging into trees, so they slow their wanting down and let their resistance get greater and greater.

And that's the state of affairs that you see in most people around you. Well, what we're wanting to teach you is to get your car going so fast that those trees become very obvious and now you know what to do with the trees. In other words, you stop and just talk about it until you feel better and, in time, there are no more trees. In 30 days of applying this, you can release 95% of them. And then now and again, an old ugly tree that has been with you a long time will rear its ugly head and give you a run for your money, but when that happens, at least now you know what to do about it.

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  1. So "resistance" is released by clarifying my identified desire.

    The more the clarity the less the resistance & when the "tree in the middle of the road" appears I "stop and talk about it until I feel better" the I carry on being on purpose again?...Intresting.

  2. i like the river analogy better - if you are fighting up river all the time, you run into problems, so you point downstream. the problem is the first couple of times you go with the flow, sometimes it takes you really quickly and you hesitate and stop, which actually causes more damage. so being comfortable at the new speed i think takes practice, time, patience and awareness of when things are a bit mucky. but in time it will be second nature.