Monday, November 9, 2009

Recreate Healthy Body Cells

Guest: I have heard from several sources that all the cells in the human body are replaced within about a year's time. One person I know has diabetes and her pancreas has not worked for decades. Another has a nerve injury that prevents her hand from working. How can we vibrationally create the perfect cells to regenerate the body part that is not functioning properly?

Abraham: Well, let's look at a physical body and all of its cells, many of them, trillions, hard to count. Imagine a very small community, and you've been watching them from a distance and you notice that they have some very destructive beliefs.

And some wise person says to you, "Well, don't worry about this village because in time all of these people who are now here practicing these not-beneficial beliefs will be dead, and they'll be replaced with a whole new village."

And you say, "Well, that does give me hope. " And then you say, "Will they all die at the same time? And will they all be replaced at the same time?"

And then someone wise says to you, "No, some of them will go, and more of them will come; and some of them will go, and more of them will come."

And then you say, "Well then, it's going take a while for these undesirable beliefs to be watered or filtered out because the ones who are still there that still have the beliefs are going to teach them to the new ones who are coming on."

So, you get the gist of our story. It's sort of what happens with your body and your cellular communities. Once the cells in a particular area of your body begin behaving in the way that they do, they have the same power of influence that anyone does to anything that is near.

The difference between the analogy of the people in the town that it would be nice if they'd all die in the same moment, for the purpose of our story, and the cells in your body, is that the cells in your body are all Pure Positive Energy cells, iow, they are actively, instinctively working for their own personal survival. Something that we've been trying to get all of you to do, at least in these hours that we've been discussing here today. We want you to more selfishly approach your own experience.

So the cells of your body, do you know that they are the first point of the summoning of the life force? Do you know that it is the cellular summoning of Source or the cellular asking that is the reason that the doctors pronounce you alive or dead, iow, it's that cellular summoning that is that difference.

So the cells are summoning, and Source is answering. And if that were all that was to this cellular community...these cells that know how to be well, if they somehow found themselves teetering on a little bit of imbalance, they would just make the correction automatically, they always do; and Source would answer the corrected request, and the cell would right itself within the body; and a body of very well cells is a very well body.

But there is another factor that effects the way the cells are able to receive what they are asking for, and that is the influence of the mind, or the vibrational patterning, or the attitude, or the mood of the human that is inhabiting the clump or cells.

(Continued in Part 2 and Part 3.)

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