Friday, November 6, 2009

Simultaneous Time: It's Not What You Think

Abraham-Hicks tape 5/8/93

Simultaneous time is something that from Non-physical we acknowledge because we know that whatever we can give our attention to, we are there in that moment. Simultaneous time does not mean what you think it means. It does not mean that everything you have ever lived is right here in the now. It means that you have access to anything that has ever been because you have the ability to vibrate with it, and therefore bring it to you.

Simultaneous time has been misunderstood by almost every physical being who has ever used the word because what you think it means is that your past present and future is all right here... where what it means is all of your power is in your NOW. The only thing that you have any [control over] is where you are vibrating right here and now.

As you are physically focused you do have the ability to connect with non-physical energy that has broader perspective; and this non-physical broader perspective of you does have the ability to look back into the 14th century, the 13th century , the 18th century. But let us tell you something about your Inner Being: Your Inner Being, even in looking back, will never address the Holocaust, because your Inner Being is pure positive energy, so when you do the only thing that you have to notice is you are disconnected from who you are. The source of that which you are you see.

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  1. The statement about the Holocaust has been taken out of its context and is confusing. It would help, if you wish to excerpt this, to also post the question it was in answer to. Otherwise, this lends itself to much alarmed speculation. You even tagged it with the word "Holocaust". What question was this statement in response to? Thank you.