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Flatlining even when doing the Processes?

Abraham-Hicks Boulder, CO 07/04/1997

GUEST: I would like help boosting up the Energy of my appreciation. When I'm feeling negative, I try to shift my attention to something I can appreciate, but it's almost a flat line. I look at the beautiful sky and say, "Oh, that's a beautiful sky."

Abraham: Just stay there a little longer. You see, when you already have a trend going toward the negative, and most do, and then you say, "But I want to feel better," it's sort of like strong attention to this and then blip, and then strong attention to this and then blip. So what you have to do is want this more. Make a stronger decision that you want to feel good.

Focus on the word and the feeling of "decision". You know what it feels like to decide? Can't you just feel a focusing of Energy in decision? At the heart of this we can feel that you're not yet convinced that it's all right for you to, or even that you're supposed to, feel good. We feel from you that you still feel a little guilty about feeling good. Even though you want to feel good, there's something within you that is not really allowing you to give your full attention to it.

We think this will help you: Imagine that you are swimming and you find yourself tired and in trouble. Well, if you would just relax, you could float to the surface and regain a little stamina and then off you could go again. But if you start flailing about in your fear that you're going to drown... The worse it gets the worse it gets the worse it gets... And what we would like you to do is just do more relaxing.

The key to raising your vibration is reaching for a thought that gives you a sensation of relief. You all are hitting this too head on. You're saying, "Well this negative thought is not where I wanted to be so I've got to deal with this negative thought and make it better." Well the problem is, the whole time you're dealing with that negative thought you're embroiled in that negative thought. Better to release it and choose a positive thought, and then once you've reconnected you can look back at that from your place of connection and raise that.

Whatever your vibration is, you shine that light on whatever you are giving your attention to. And that's why we want you to let it be a feeling process rather than a thinking process. So let's say you bump into somebody who is aware of who you have been, and you have a specific relationship with them. You might have even confided in them about some trouble. So they say, "How's it going?" And what they mean is, "Give me the dirt." And you say, "Do you want to know how it is right now or how it's becoming?" They'll say, "What?" Because they really wanted the dirt. But what you're saying to them is, "I don't want to go there. I know we've talked about it before, but things are so much better and I'd really rather go here." So they say, "Are things really better? Really better?" Meaning, "I don't see any evidence of improvement. Why are you pretending and fooling yourself? Why are you in this place of delusion?" And you say something like, "Things are better. I'm not sure if it shows outwardly yet but it sure feels like it inwardly, and that's all I really care about. I'm feeling great." Then they might say something like, "Why? Are you sure you really feel great?" Now sometimes you are the one playing this other part "Are you sure you're really feeling great?" You answer, "Well, I thought I was feeling great. Well, maybe I'm not feeling so great." "Why? What have you seen? What have you heard?"

We encourage you to Set Your Own Tone. It isn't difficult for you to Set the Tone in the physical realm, because you've got a Nonphysical Tone that is flowing to you at all times. And when you choose something that resonates with that Tone, you feel elation. You feel Joy. You feel Passion. You feel Enthusiasm. You feel clarity. You feel full. You feel good. But if you're choosing something that doesn't resonate, you're going to feel something different from that. Never mind what the subject is. Concentrate on how you feel, and make a decision, "Nothing is more important than that I feel good."

(Continued with Part 2.)

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