Monday, January 18, 2010

Doctors and Beliefs about Health and Illness

Abraham - Atlanta, GA 11/03/01

Guest: I'm a physician, and I'm amazed at what is possible. And what I've observed is, those who have spontaneous healing are absolutely convinced that it will take place. Their consciousness, if you like, is convinced that they will be whole, or they are whole. Would you say that's so, or how would you?

Abraham: When someone is sick, out of that sickness comes an exaggerated desire to be whole, or to be well. And so, even if they're not speaking it with their words, it is an implied desire that emanates from them -- literally from every cell in their body. And in the moment that that is so, Source Energy goes to work on answering that. And so, the only question, relative to how long will it take them to return to their wellness, is -- how long will it take them to stop the resistance that is keeping the wellness away to begin with? And so, if they are convinced in their ability to be well -- then they are well very quickly.

When a person is really convinced of their ability to be whole, most of the time they don't get sick, to begin with -- because that belief in wholeness keeps them in the place of allowing Well-being on a pretty steady basis.

You are multifaceted Beings and different things can get your attention. And it is not hard to get out of balance, just like it is not difficult to get back into balance. And so, as they find themselves out of balance, there is just a stronger part of them that is seeking that balance.

As a physician, or as any healer, we would say to you, in a powerful way, that your value to them is in providing for them a further measure of believing in their Well-being. They come to you in an exaggerated desire to be well, and you are able to speak from your belief in wellness. And that's not hard to do if you will look at worldwide statistics. But this sometimes happens to physicians: their world becomes so much about sick people, that they forget that there are many more well moments than there are sick moments. And when a physician takes that turn, where he begins to believe more in sickness than he does in wellness -- then he is of no value to those who come to him for the discovery of Well-being.

Guest: That resonates very loudly. Thank you so much.

Abraham: Yes indeed, yes indeed.

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