Monday, February 8, 2010

Become "UnHurtable"

Abraham - Tarrytown, NY 10/09/2004

When someone adores you, in their appreciation of you, they are in alignment with Source Energy, and they are flooding it all over you. And since it is activated in them, it is activated in you, so you got this really good thing going. But then as you become dependent upon their appreciation of you in order to feel that way, when they withdraw their appreciation of you, and you haven't learned to connect to that Source Energy yourself, then you feel like a puppet that someone has let go of the strings.

And so if you are a confident person, if you've shown yourself that you are free no matter what anyone else thinks, and that you can feel good no matter whats happening around you, if you've been practicing that unconditional love that says 'I'm going to feel good because I wanna feel good', and I'm going to scramble around, by darn, and find something that is going to make me feel good even in a field of things that don't feel good, because my connection to source matters to me more than all other things put together' - then nothing that anybody could ever do would get you off your game.

You've been looking toward what others think - you've been so trained that way that you transfer that to your new love. You say I care so much about how you feel about me, that I will disregard how I FEEL. And then that one being the fickle one, LETS YOU DOWN, EVERY TIME. No one can hold you consistently as their object of their attention as Source would.

Everyone is blaming everyone else for their own insecurity. We have to say YOU ARE insecure because you didn't decide to be secure. You are not strong because YOU decided somebody else was strong, which made you weak. You don't feel good, because you didn't INSIST on feeling good. And then you didn't practice it, and then you say YOU hurt my feelings. We would get in a place where our feelings are UNHURTABLE. We would be in a place where we are so connected to source that it didn't matter WHAT anyone was thinking or saying or doing!

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  1. Thanks for this article! It is amazing insight! I love it!