Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Abraham on Weight Loss and Body Image

Abraham - Sedona, AZ 08/25/07

Make peace with where you are. Appreciate your magnificent body as it is. Appreciate that it moves and that it is flexible and that it digests, that it assimilates. Accept the cellular metabolism, the cellular functioning.

Your body is a veritable chemical factory. It is an amazing mechanism. It is morphing constantly into that which is new. It is constantly becoming. It will be whatever you ask it to be. It will be whatever you ask it and allow it to be. It will be whatever you want it and allow it to be. It will be whatever you ask and allow it. It will be whatever you see it to be. It will be whatever you EXPECT it to be!

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And most of you can't expect past what is. That's your limitation. You find it hard to expect past what is. Stretch that expectation by listening, by feeling for it. And when you start feeling - Oh, if you could feel what Source expects for you - and that's why so often you feels such strong negative emotion, that's that fear and inadequacy you describe. When you look at yourself so differently than they way Source looks at you, when you don't expect good things from you - because Source is expecting such wonderful things from you - there's a cross current going on.

You have to see as you want it to be. Never mind what is. What is does not mean diddly squat. What is doesn't matter. It's just a point in time, a momentary, manifestational indicator of how you've been thinking. Think differently and it will shift. It will morph with your thoughts every single time.

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