Friday, February 19, 2010

Abraham on Teeth, Dentists, and Medical Expense

Questioner: I have been in my workshop talking about good health, good teeth, the things in my body I want for six months or longer. And so I recently went to the dentist, and I was schocked to find out that I needed thousands of dollars worth of dental work.

And I immediately had a question in my own mind since I'd been affirming health and healthy teeth, and you've talked about getting off of health insurance and that kind of thing, what is this about? Is this about not being clear enough? Is this also about being worried about money Why would thousands of dollars come up?

So my question is when we think we're going towards something, but then something clearly comes up that shows we're not, how can we make that shift?

Abe: Good. Oh. There are a number of things we want to say to you. First of all.. Most of you think you are doing one thing when you are doing another. That's very common. In other words, someone will say to us, "Abraham I want to be well," but what their vibration is saying is "I don't want to be sick." And so your words trick you sometimes. Because you think you are saying one thing, when the reality is you are vibrating by pushing against another.

So sometimes an experience of manifestation, which actually shows you what you've actually been vibrating, just shines a spotlight on it a little stronger which helps you make a clearer decision you see. Now, 99 percent of all creation is complete before there is any physical evidence of it.

And there are a number of things, you must understand that when you go to a dentist who makes his money by finding things wrong with your teeth, you must understand, he is looking very particularly to find things wrong with your teeth. You see what we are getting at?

And it is our speculation that if you were to spend two or three days thinking about what you want and why you want it and seek out another dentist or two that you would discover that there is a lot of variety in their opinion of what you need. And that the reason you've attracted yourself to one that is saying you need all of this stuff is because first of all you haven't totally convinced yourself that you have the ability to create what you are wanting relative to that, relative to things outside of you more easily, but relative to that there is still a little bit of a question. And the money factor, the money factor is, in other words feeling that there isn't quite enough would put you in a position of attracting a situation where even in more of an exaggerated way there isn't enough.

Questioner: Well, that's the question then, how do you know? Is it a money issue or a tooth issue?

Abe:(emphatically) Doesn't make any difference. It's negative energy flow, and it has brought you to a place you don't want to be. So from your awareness of what you don't want, what is it that you do want?

Two things: I want my teeth to be healthy and I want my physical body to thrive. And I want to feel financially prosperous. In other words, it has caused two issues to come to the surface where if you give some attention to them, you can shift your energy about it.

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We wanting to give you something here that is of immense value relative to the physical body. We have been talking about flowing energy. And you all have the idea , and accurately, that we are talking about using your brain, or your conscious thinking mechanism, to choose the object of attention and therefore flow energy toward it. But your brain isn't the only part of your body that is transmitting of receiving. You have millions of cells that are all transmitting and receiving mechanisms. Lots of little brains all through your body.

Now these little brains have been preprogrammed in the same way that from nonphysical your earth was launched into orbit, and today it continues to spin in perfect proximity to other planets. Your cells, in like manner, have been created to perfection in the same way. So these millions of cells in your body know exactly what they need to do in order to maintain the perfect continuity of your body. They talk to each other and they talk to non physical energy. They ask for what they need and nonphysical answers. This is what you call Life force. As the cells ask , non physical answers. As the cells ask, nonphysical answers.

So much so that hundreds and thousands of diseases that have come your way, that if you'd gone to the doctor that day, he might have picked up on, never came to fruition because the cells ask and nonphysical answered. In other words, every disease that exists on your planet you've had it, you've had an inkling of it, or you've had an inclination toward it. But because the cells asked, and nonphysical answered, you stay in perfect balance, mostly.

Now as the cells ask and non physical answers if your thought is one of appreciation, you the captain of your ship, you the imaginer, or the envisioner, or the complainer, you, the captain of your ship, as your thought is one of appreciation, if you are basking, if you are applauding, if your are acknowledging positive aspects, then as the cells ask, and non-physical answers, your vibration is so in harmony with all of that, that there is no resistance, that there is a perfect tranfer of energy, and your physical body thrives.

But if as the cells are asking, and non physical is answering, if you are worried about money, if you are mad at your mate, if you are frustrated with your government, if you are flowing lackful energy, then as the cells ask and non physical answers, you are seding out an electrical current that is in the way. You cause resistance and that's what pain is. It's what negative emotion is first, it's what pain is second, and it's what disease or illness is third.

You see, so, as you acknowledge that you are wanting your teeth to be strong and healthy, you are wanting your gums to be vital and alive, you're wanting your body to feel good. But as you acknowledge specific areas of your body, and you give a little attention, so that you can actually feel the sensation of your cells asking, and non-physical energy answering, sometimes that sensation worries you. Because you think," Oh somethings wrong, a new sensation that i've never had before," and that's when you start getting in the way.

If you could relax into those sensations, even if they have gone so far that you call them pain, if you could relax into them, knowing that the cells know what to do, and non physical energy always answers, and all you have to do is stay out of the way, which means no lack, then your body begins to thrive.

You don't have to focus on sickness to disallow wellness. Because any attention to any lack messes up that interchange. That's why doctors are now admitting, Esther saw it in print the other day, 80 percent of illness are stress related. We say they are getting closer. 100 percent of illnesses are stress related. And instead of stress we would use the word lack. 100 percent of illness is lack related. Good.

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  1. Dentists are pretty important and Medical Expense are high but it worth it .

  2. My great old dentist in Laurel told me that he dived into his career because of its vast absence when he was a child. He was one of the very few dentists, Laurel particularly, that inspired many modern dentists in our town. He travelled to New York and almost abraded all the knowledge just to teach it to younger aspirants. Because his dream is simple, to see a passionate dentist to every corner of America.

  3. Very good perspective. In Oklahoma, the dentists don't have to carry medical malpractice, and they hide all their assets in a trust in their wife's name. In Oklahoma, marriage doesn't mean joint property. Then the dentists have immunity to fraud and send out super-bills for work that didn't need to be done and even for work not performed. It is very painful to be a victim of this fraud. I wish I had been a follower of Abraham before going to the dentist. (PS. The fraud I went to's name is Mike Hinkle, DDS - a practicing convicted felon. This is the wild west in Oklahoma)

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