Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Age is Irrelevant

Abraham - Journal Excerpt 01/01/99

If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would not assign age to anyone. We would never tell anyone how old we are. We would never ask anyone how old they are. We would start a new movement, and the movement would be, "Age is irrelevant."

We would have another category on the driver's license, or on the application, and that would be "vibrational average", or we would have a mood meter: "Which of the following is true: Am I more likely to be joyful or despondent? Am I more likely to be eager or bored...?" We would gauge everything by Energy, and we would never again approach life in terms of age , because age is irrelevant. Age, or what you call age, is only a by-product of your utilization of the Energy Stream.

The Energy Stream exists. There is one Stream, and one Stream only, and your relationship is two-fold: 1. How much of the Stream am I summoning, which means, how much desire do I have? 2. And, of the Stream that I am summoning, how much of it am I allowing to flow? And everything that you live and everything that everybody else lives, everything that exists in this physical time and place, is about somebody's relationship to that Stream. How much are they summoning and how much are they letting flow through?

So you might see someone that is very decrepit who has strong desire. So they are summoning all kinds of Energy, but they've got beliefs that don't let the Energy flow, so they've got this tug of war going on inside of them all the time. They look old and decrepit before their time. In other words, they're summoning, but they're not letting it flow.

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Then, you might see somebody else who doesn't have a desire in the world. They are carefree, actually peaceful, contented. They are summoning almost no Energy, whatsoever. They have no resistance. They're just sort of placid and limp. They won't live long, either. Because they're not summoning Energy. They'll have a nice life. When they're gone, you'll put on their tombstone, "Lived a good life. Short but good."

But if you are sifting through the data and constantly finding things that cause you to make a decision, and you can feel that desire boiling in your belly, and you are eagerly thinking about it, and you have discovered how to modulate your Energy so that you are excited as you think about it, not frustrated... If you've played this game and you've learned how to float your cork, you could literally live indefinitely. The question is, how much do you allow this time/space reality to evoke new decision and desire from you? And as the desire comes, how much of it do you then allow to flow through?

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