Sunday, February 21, 2010

Worry as a Little Bit of the Death of Who You Really Are

Abraham -Tarrytown, NY 10/9/04B

Abraham: You worry so much about death that you can't enjoy your moment because death is lurking, death is lurking, death is lurking. So the older you get, the more depressed you get because the closer to death you get, and we say, you're never close to death! You're always alive, and you're as alive as you allow yourself to be in this moment. And we'd stop pronouncing the moment that you re-emerge into nonphysical as death and start calling it what it really is, which is more life. It's a more revitalized life, you see.

And as you start looking at death as life, then you'll start allowing more life while you're in this physical body, and that which you call death will not be lurking in a way that messes up every moment between now and when the truck runs over you. (Laughter.) You should all be so lucky. (More laughter.) Esther said, "Happy, healthy, happy, healthy, happy, healthy, dead." And we say, but of course. She doesn't have to plan [an] airplane crash or [a] truck running over
them. She can go to bed and re-emerge in her sleep.

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IOW, you can pick it any way you want, but the important thing is you've to make death a non-issue and make life the issue. And so, as you're focused in your now, what are you doing now? Are you allowing yourself to live fully or are you worried about something?

So your friend says, "I've got plenty to worry about. I'm justified in worrying." And we say, nobody's justified in worrying. Nobody's justified in worrying. It's just the excuse you're using not to allow yourself to live fully now. There's no justification for worry, because there's nothing worth worrying about, because you're eternal beings and you can't die.

So, now that one's wiped off [your list], what are you going to worry about? "Well, somebody could mistreat me." No, they can't. Nobody can mistreat you if you don't achieve a vibration that attracts it -- so wipe that one off. And little by little, pretty soon you'll scratch all the points of worry and all the points of frustration and all the points of disempowerment off your list and you'll finally be who you are -- free to be the joyous being that you are. Yes.

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