Friday, February 19, 2010

Everything Is In the Eye of the Beholder

Abraham - Washington, DC 5-10-08

Blogger's note: This began as a story about Jerry getting different diagnoses from different dentists, but quickly segued into something larger.

Abraham: That is a bit of the reason that we say as all things are in the eye of the beholder, in other words, it doesn't mean that those dentists were seeing something they thought needed to be tended to, but anytime, and we mean this in the kindest way - anytime you are co-creating with any other, their intentions become a part of the recipe.

It would be very helpful, that before you co-create with another, that the two of you, however many are playing together, make some effort to acknowledge that your intentions are similar. In other words, the win-win situation where you have a need that a doctor or a dentist can fulfill and they have a need that you as their clientele can fill. It's all part of that. You have something they can fulfill and you have something they can fulfill. It's sort of like when you know more clearly what you do want, you almost always attract that from the people with whom you are interacting.

We would not be concerned about those teeth, that aren't going to be around for long anyway. We would instead ask ourselves, "What was going on in my vibration that evoked that response from that person. Especially when there were no cavities to be found."

"Why would somebody look into my motives and find motives that aren't there? Why would somebody look into my ideas and find things to disagree with that aren't even there? Why would anyone see anything wrong?"

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It is because everything is in the eye of the beholder. People see things in you that are not even there because they are looking for things that are active within THEM. And if there's even the slightest thing that resonates with something in them, then it amplifies and magnifies and they see that it is big when it isn't.

We've been talking this all day today. When someone is arguing with you or sees fault in you and they are not liking what they see, say to them and mean it kindly, but mean it sincerely... say, "You're seeing something that must be vibrationally active in you, and I think this is more about you then it is about me." And everytime you say that you will be accurate.

So when you see someone, and they are having a bad day, it is much more about their bad day then about you. Its always about the beholder! Everything is about the beholder!

So what you want to do is be aware of what your seeing in others; that's what you want to be aware of. Don't worry about what people are seeing in you, don't worry about the love they're not giving you, let your awareness be upon what your putting out, let your awareness be more about HOW MUCH YOU ARE LOVING! Thats what you should be interested in.

We wouldn't be running around saying, "Who loves me. Who doesn't love me." We'd be saying "Who do I love. What is it about you that I love. What is it about you that I use as my excuse to see what source sees!"

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