Sunday, February 14, 2010

Esther's Recurring Lackful Relationship Dream

Abraham-Hicks, excerpt from G-10/16/93

Esther kept having a recurring dream. For many years after she and her mate were together, she dreamed that she could not find him. She thought she knew where he was but she couldn't find him. She knew the number where he could be reached but when she would dial it, it wouldn't ring. Her fingers would punch right through the phone , the telephone would turn into cheese or something. Or it would ring it would ring and he couldn't hear.

It was just a variety of things keeping them from connecting. And when Esther started to interact with Abraham she said "Abraham is this dream about all that time before I found him? All these years I was looking for him and had not found him?"

And we said No, your dream is current, your dream is about your NOW!! And Esther said "What do you mean?" and we said in your wanting of this delicious relationship - again we keep wanting to come back to every subject being two subjects- in your awareness of what you are wanting, you spend more time thinking about the absence of it.

And when Esther thought about it she realized that was accurate. She worried that he would get run over. She worried that he would stop loving her. She worried that he would find someone he loved more. In other words, even though it was her very passionate, strong, ever present desire that this relationship would last forever, more than 50 percent of her thoughts were upon what would happen if it didn't.

Because she didn't know about flowing energy. In other words, she was still believing that its about fate or chance or luck or circumstances. So she was feeling lucky that she had him, but not sure that she could hold onto him!! You see what we are talking about?

And so when we said to Esther you have been projecting so much lackful thought relative to this relationship Your dream ... your inner being is showing you a probable future where you won't know where he is! A probable future where your negative lackful vibration is going to create something you do NOT want.

So with this story we think you are hearing what we are saying. What you are wanting to do is as we said earlier several times today. You are wanting to think about this relationship that you want and feel good about it at the same time. So that instead of it evoking from you a yearning lonely feeling, you are wanting the thought of it to evoke a feeling of ecstasy , a feeling of empowerment . And when you are able to shift the way you feel about it, it is our promise to you, you will then allow into your experience that which you are wanting.

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  1. What an awesome insightful look at how Esther is as human as the rest of us, and able to create beauty using tools we all have access to. Thank you so much for this :)