Monday, February 15, 2010

Seth: Illness Is A Form Of Avoidance

Seth, The Early Sessions, Book 4, Session 159

A cure of any kind will never depend upon any given treatment. It will in all cases depend upon the belief on the part of the sufferer that he can be cured. It will depend upon his desire to be cured. It will depend upon the strength of the purpose than an illness serves. It will depend upon, in the last analysis, the individual's own ability to mobilize his energies, for only these will effect a cure.

An illness is a failure to solve a mental or psychological problem in the correct manner. The energy that would be used to solve the problem instead is spent maintaining the illness. It is therefore necessary that an attempt be made as soon as possible to solve the problem, which of course must first be discovered by the ego, which has avoided it.

© Laurel and Robert Butts

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  1. yeah, I agree with ur Post.

    illness is due to ignorance.

    Good Post.