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Flatlining Part 2

Abraham-Hicks Boulder, CO 07/04/1997

(Continued from Part I.)

Abraham: It's so important that I feel good, that I'm going to watch specific television programs. It's so important that I feel good, I'm going to spend more time with this good feeling friend and less time with that not so good feeling friend. It's so important that I feel good, I'm going to change the magazine subscriptions that I read. It's so important that I feel good, that I'm going to ponder thoughts from my past that make me feel better and I'm not going to ponder the ones that make me feel less than good.

It's so important that I'm in harmony with my Core. It's so important that I connect with Core Energy. It's so important that I fulfill my reason for being.

It's so important that my cork floats, that I'm going to begin to behave differently than I have been, because what I was doing before, I was not doing on purpose. I was doing it because others taught me, because it was my habit, it was pervasive, it was dominant, and because it was there. But I was not doing it decisively. I was doing it by default. And now, I am decisive.

I have decided who I am. I have decided I'm an extension of Nonphysical Energy. I have decided I am a joyful person. I've decided I want to feel good. I've decided that's who I am.

I've decided that this thought doesn't feel so good, so I'll choose this one. I've decided this thought doesn't feel so good, so I'll choose this one. I've decided to eat this. I've decided to go there. I've decided to breathe this. I've decided to pause for a moment. I've decided to think about this. I've decided to call this friend.

I'm decisive, and I'm making those decisions with one singular intention, only one criteria: How does it feel? Not hard. I remember how it felt last time: I go to call my mother. Augh! Does this mean I shouldn't call my mother? No. It means, I shouldn't call my mother, given the vibration that I remember most. But I want to call my mother. I feel guilty about not calling my mother. Augh!

I want to call my mother and feel good about calling my mother. Bless her heart. She really means well. She is a very wise person. She knows much that I know. I have so many wonderful memories of the times we've had together. I'm so appreciative of all that she is. I adore her from the depths of my being. I'd like very much for her to know how much I love her. I think I'll call my mother.

Line up the Energy and then take action. Line up the Energy and then take action. Line up the Energy and then take action, and the Universe responds powerfully to your Energy.

Anything that you do that helps you to conclude that you're not where you're wanting to be, makes it harder for you to find that feeling place of where you are wanting to be. You're doing very well. Be easy about it. Lighten up. And most importantly, do anything and everything that you can to get your attention off yourself. Don't misunderstand. We don't think you're too self-absorbed. We don't think anybody can be. If you will give more attention to what is flowing through you toward something, instead of what's flowing through someone else toward you, things will get better right away.

If you have a desire and a vibration that doesn't match it, and you don't notice that that's what negative emotion is telling you, so you don't take this pivot and raise your vibration, don't worry, the negative emotion will get bigger. And if you still don't do anything about it, don't worry, it will get bigger.

It starts out with a little sensation that you would call negative emotion. Then it becomes a little stronger sensation that you might call concern. Then it's a little stronger sensation that you might call physical sensation. Then it's a little stronger thing that you might call physical discomfort. Then it's a little stronger thing that you might call physical ailment or illness. Then it's a stronger thing that you call croaking.

Anywhere along the way you can make a conscious decision to let the Energy flow. And that's what relief is. You don't have to have physical relief in order to have mental or emotional relief. An illness doesn't have to go away altogether for you to feel better about it.

Most of you think, "Well if this would just go away I'd feel better." Well, we don't doubt that. But it's not going away if you don't do something to change your vibration. That's why if you go to a physician and your desire now, in light of what you're living, is to be rid of that, and you say, "What do I have?" And he says, "You've got this and this." And you say, "What does that mean?" And he says, "Well, take this pill and it will go away, and take this pill and it'll go away." In other words, there are things that they can give you for many things. Now, your desire and your belief are in the same place, and it goes away. And often he gives you a sugar pill. It isn't what he is giving you is that is making the difference. It is that he is giving you, now, the reason to allow what you desire.

Something has happened within many of you, within most of you, where you must justify the good that comes to you through some effort. And we say, oh, we would really like it if you would get over that one, and just begin to accept that the good comes to you, and that is what is natural. But we're very delicate when we say that to you, because the next thing you do is beat up on yourself when you don't let the good come.

You can't get it wrong. Just be easier about this. Nothing so wrong is so wrong. In other words, you're doing very, very well. You're giving much too much attention to insignificant things. And we know that it is easy for us to call them insignificant because we're not living them, but we are telling you they are insignificant.

We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. It is delicious to come together with creative Deliberate Creators like you. Be easy about all of this. Don't make too much of it. There is great love here for you. We are complete.

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