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Abraham: Living with Negative People Who Want Different Things - Part 2

(Continued from Part 1)

Abraham: What goes wrong with so many is that they say, I demand better circumstances so I can feel better, and we say the Universe does not hear your demand, the Universe only hears your vibration.

So you say, "what does that mean?" We say it means you've got to achieve a vibration that aligns with better circumstances before they can be received by you. Oh, that's different, isn't it? I have to feel good about what I haven't got, before I get it? Yeah. I have to feel prosperous before prosperity can come to me? I have to feel healthy before health can be mine? I have to feel loved before someone can love me?

You mean, I can't be paranoid and people flock to me and say, "Oh, you poor, paranoid thing. Let me just shower you with my love until you get over your paranoia." (Audience laughter.) You ever had a paranoid friend? They're hard to love, aren't they?  They offer a vibration that defies your love. You can't do enough. Their vibration is so far in a different place, you cannot do enough to make them feel it. It's an inside job every single time, you see.

So that's why, as we come back around to your first and very powerful question, some of those people that you long to help, are not help-able from where you stand. And if you believe that you are the savior that came to help them all, then that means you've got to be able to adjust your vibration right up to the edge of where they are in order to lead them to the next place. And we don't know very many who can effectively adjust their vibration without becoming part of the vibration they have adjusted to.

And yet, if you're up here enjoying happiness and health and well-being and they're down there in despair and poverty and destructive pattern, there's a big vibrational range, and there have been so many who have wanted so much to help them that couldn't figure out how to bridge that gap, and it's because you are asking the impossible: you ask yourself to quantum leap to where they are, which you can't do.

(A) lot of you do it over a period of time though - started out in a very joyful place and through the years, you adjusted yourself to be as miserable with the most miserable of them. And then you join together in groups, and you say, with great piety and great virtue, "We are the chosen ones. We have suffered ourselves into the place God wants us to be."

And we say if that were true, you'd be feeling pretty good right now. When you're in alignment with that which is Source, you feel the radiance of that which is Source flowing through you.

Guest: I think I heard you say one time that one of the ways that Jesus healed was by not joining in the vibration of the illness.

Abraham: Wouldn't have been possible for him to heal if he joined in the vibration of sickness. He maintained his knowledge of Well-Being, you see. And with practice, you all can, too. With practice, in the time that you're not with the cantankerous one, as you practice the memory of what felt good or as you look for the positive aspects, and you activate within yourself, again and again and again and again, good feeling things about anyone or anything...

Now, that Universe or that person has to show you (It is law.) has to show you more of what you've activated within you. So if somebody is showing you their ornery side on a pretty regular basis, you got their ornery side activated in you. And you say, "Well sure I do, they show me their ornery side all the time. How could it not be activated within me?"  
And we say: Oh you poor, powerless being. Are you saying to us that you only have the ability to observe What Is? Are you not a Deliberate Creator? Can you not adjust your own vibration? When you turn on the radio in a hotel room, do you just leave it on that station, whoever was there last set the station? You say, "It's been chosen. It's just the way that it is." Or do you take your life in your own hands and adjust the vibrational frequency until it pleases you? This is the same thing, you see.

Guest: Thank you.

Abraham: Yes, indeed.  

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