Thursday, January 3, 2013

Abraham on Pain

Abraham-Hicks,  07-09-95

Abraham: When you feel the pain, acknowledge what pain is: Pain is help on the way. Pain is what it feels like when the help is flowing, and I'm really not letting it flow - as much as I would like to. IOW, pain is a combination of faster moving energy (which is help), and my resistance. So, as you embrace the pain (because that means help is on the way) and then try to relax in order to let the help in, you actually relax into the pain - relax into the pain. As you accept the stiffness as energy flowing, then rather than cursing it, or damning it, or wanting it to go away, you say, bless this stiffness, this is help on the way. Can you feel the difference in embracing something and in pushing something away? In relaxing in to the pain rather than resisting the pain? In acknowledging the pain as evidence of energy flowing which is healing energy?

© Abraham Hicks


  1. Perfect timing. I needed this.

  2. Thank you very much. It is helping me.