Thursday, May 13, 2010

It Doesn't Work Unless You Work It!

Abraham,  San Antonio, TX 4/18/09

What's tripping you up is, you meet with people who are easy to coax into the vortex, so they get results. And you meet with people who aren't easy to coax into the vortex, so they don't get results. And then you say, "This work, it doesn't work!"

And we say, "It doesn't work unless you work it!"

If you don't get that you are a vibrational being, and you don't pay attention to your emotions and figure out how to cause a merging of the vibration of your being, then you are right, you won't get that leverage.

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A person inside the vortex is more powerful than a million outside. A leader in the vortex, working with the Laws of the Universe, is an effective leader. And leaders outside the vortex are working really hard and just banging around and not much is happening.

So we agree with you conceptually that the presentation we offer is not difficult to get your thoughts around. We also acknowledge that most of you have been offering enough thoughts that are vibrationally divergent from who you are and what you want, that it takes some time and some effort to show yourself what like can be like inside the vortex.

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