Sunday, May 2, 2010

Trying To Make Things Happen Despite Not Being In the Vortex

Abraham - Asheville, NC 5/29/09

Abraham: If you take a period of time, and you ask more of yourself than is really physically possible, you put stress on yourself. It's just not possible to do it. So you get smarter and sharper and more efficient, but still, if you are not in the vortex, if you are outside the vortex trying to make things happen, then you have this imbalance taking place.

The more you are in the vortex, the more the resources are there for you to expend, but if being in the vortex is not your highest priority, and you are still active and involved, then you just deplete yourself a little bit. And it's the same as not being able to take as much air in as you are breathing out. It's exactly the same thing. So we're really talking about in the vortex-out of the vortex kind of stuff.

So stay with us just a little bit and you'll feel some things click into place. So what if, knowing all you know about being in the vortex, what if you, and others that you know, including Esther, too, what if you're trying to make too much happen outside the vortex? So that you are spending more than is coming in, in essence. So that you're breathing more out than you are breathing in. It's that imbalance that is at the heart of this. It's not about an allergy. It's about over-extension.

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