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She wants to be Recording Artist on a Mass Level

Abraham-Hicks,  Atlanta, GA 09-13-97B

Guest: Abraham, I have strong desire and passion to be a recording artist on a mass level, and to awaken and to uplift people through my music, and in many respects I've been a very powerful creator in moving my career along. And yet at the same time I've been a really powerful self-sabotager.

I've had scenarios where, for example, I created ... a record company was interested in signing me, and the A & R person ended up getting fired, so I lost the deal. I had another situation, through a miraculous series of events, I created meeting a President of a record company who signed me, and I waited a year to record the album, and it just never materialized. He wanted to produce the album and had various commitments that kept getting in the way.

And then I was really pleased with myself thinking I'm a very powerful creator, and created a billionaire that I met through - I have a spiritual counseling practice - and he was going to fund the album and gave me the first installment, and I went out, booked the studio, and through another series of miracles, met the right producer, the right musicians, and started to record the album, and then he withdrew the funding. And he was very manipulative, and it got into kind of a sexual cat and mouse game with him. 

And so I received another gift a money to continue trying to finish and, you know, get this album recorded to begin shopping it to labels, and was able to complete three songs, and was preparing to shop it, and had received very favorable response from a number of people about it, and then I created a horrific car accident in January that I ended up having two surgeries on my hand, and it didn't escape my notice that one of the fingers that was injured was the, and I don't know a whole lot about palmistry, but it's called the Apollo finger which is about putting your creativity forth in the world...(laughs)... 

So, I'm just kind of, I guess, perplexed cause I know I have strong desire and wanting and I've been listening to your tapes for four months now, and I've explored what my resistance might be in terms of possible  fear of fame, or...

Abraham: We don't think that's it, do you?

Guest: I don't know. So I'm just, I guess, I'm worried that I'm formulating a belief that every time I get close, and right now, you know, I've recuperated from my accident, and...

Abraham: Well, it is possible that you have begun to formulate a belief because when something, you see, when something happens, you have a strong desire, and you're moving along on it, and then something happens, and the tendency is to take score about what happened and then to talk about what happens, and to sort of achieve a habit of that vibration, so that the universe just lines up more, iow, the  universe is lining up good things and bad things, both based upon the vibration of your output, and so what you're wanting to do is to begin - right now- talking only about your successes. IOW, these are amazing accomplishments, in other words,  tell the first half of the story, just don't tell the second half of the story. And as you stop telling it, you'll stop feeling it so much.

What you're wanting...Here is the bridge that if we were standing in your physical shoes we would amplify:

Already, with very little effort, I've opened more doors  than most people in this field ever open in a lifetime.  I truly am on the track of unfolding. There have to be countless artists, who have walked down this same road I'm walking down, and when I listen to their editorials or when I listen to their interviews, almost every one of them tells stories just like this.

And we can feel from your vibration that the vibration of your desire is the dominant vibration. And we believe, these gridlines that we were talking about earlier, we believe that these hindrances that you're picking up along the way, are not so much a reflection of your deep-seated belief as they are just the frivolous attitude that mass consciousness has about these kind of things. 

And because you didn't know about flowing energy, and you didn't really have your vibration in an absolutely pure place when you began, you're being buffeted around by the beliefs of mass consciousness relative to this subject. And most artists are, in other words, they almost all tell these kinds of stories in the beginning.

But most people who are making the endeavor that you are making do not have anywhere near the successes to tell that you do - you get the sense of what we are talking about? So you are not in the same league at all with the masses who don't make it, you are absolutely in the league with the handful that do make it, in other words, that's where you are, that's where you are, that's where your vibration is, that's what your future holds.

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You see, here's the way it works, the universe is responding to your vibration, so when you say I'm wanting more money, the universe responds to the vibration of your desire. But then when you say, but money is hard to come by, the universe responds to that vibration, too. So now the universe is responding to two opposite vibrations so nothing changes for you.

People will say Abraham I want to be well; I'm afraid of this illness. So they're offering two contradictory vibrations, and as the universe responds to both of them, nothing changes for you. So all you have to do is just talk this one, but not this one, in other words, tell this side of the story. 

And there is a habit, almost everyone has it, and we're hearing it here with you, where you say," da da da da da da...BUT. Da da da da da BUT...da da da da da." And so, that's what's happening: Bring it, take it; come to me, go from me; I want you, I'm not having you; I deserve you, I'm not getting you. " IOW, can you feel..and so all you have to do is put this arm in your pocket, in other words...

Jerry: Can you give an example of the first three scenarios that she projected... of just half of it?

Abraham: I've created three songs that are being very well received. And there are stations that as they are playing them, are really enjoying what they are hearing. My music has reached people on many levels. I had producers wanting to produce. I've had studio owners interested. I've had funders ready to fund. IOW, my work is right up there with the best of it.  People are enjoying what I have. The universe it lining things up for me. It is a sure thing that it is unfolding.

I'm exhilarated as it unfolds. I'm learning so much as I go. Everything that has happened has sharpened my desire. I'm clearer about what I want now than I've ever been before. I have new desire in my belly that was not there before. Each person that I've interacted with has helped me in the clarification of what I'm wanting. I can feel the universe responding to my vibration now in a more powerful way than it ever has before.

I know that many famous people have walked this very path that I am walking. I am exhilarated and I always want to remember the deliciousness of these beginning points. I know that one day I will be very far from where I am now and I will remember the tender beginnings of the magnificent creation. I am having such joy in this work as it is unfolded.

Guest: Thank you. Thank you. It's wonderful.

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