Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Abraham on Jerry's Struggle with Taxes

Abraham - Tampa, FL 01-8-05

Abraham: Jerry struggled as you do, with the idea of paying a lot of taxes and the taxes being used for things he does not approve of... And then we said to him, "Mentally project your taxes towards those things that you appreciate." And then relative to the subject of your government...what you would do if you were in charge. We want to give you something here that will soothe you. And soothing you is what this is all about.

But we want you to understand that everything that is happening - is happening as a result of mass consciousness' participation in it, and your government who makes the decisions about waging the war or dropping the bombs, is a smaller part of the unfolding of the events than you think.

Because all of this has been projected into your future experience. What is happening in your experience today was set into motion by a long-time history of thoughts. So what we're really getting at here is that as an individual, certainly you want to play a responsible role in contributing to your mass consciousness, but we are really wanting you to understand, that you cannot as an individual, nor would you want to, put on your shoulders the responsibility of dictating the way these affairs should turn out because they are not as it appears the results of the decisions of one man, even one merry band of men who are sitting around deciding what they are doing. It's a BIGGER CURRENT than that.

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