Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why Abraham Is Unbeatable No Matter How Intense the 'Opponent'

Abraham - Tarrytown, NY  3/30/06

Guest: So, illness, uh...I've chosen that illness? I should...I chose my...

Abraham: No... here's the thing. No one would ever deliberately choose it. First, let's talk about what illness is. Illness is me in my physical body having created a faster a current than me with my thoughts and beliefs will let myself go with. That's the best definition of illness that we could ever give and so you say, but what about babies? We say it's no different.  The stream is going faster than my thoughts are letting myself go with, period.

A woman said, I'm pretty positive, and I'm really sick. My friend is negative and she's not sick. It's not fair. And we said her stream isn't moving as fast as yours is so she can mess around more, and it doesn't take the toll on her. In other words, if your stream is barely moving, you can mess around without any negative repercussions.

Jerry and Esther spend one whole summer putting a rubber raft in the Bitter Root River in Montana and just floated. It was so slow and easy. They laid in the boat; sometimes they took a little nap; they watched the clouds go by. They weren't doing that on the river in Colorado. Different kind of river you see. When your life has caused you to create a fast moving river, now you gotta be pointed in the right direction in the river or it will beat you up.

Guest: Yeah, cause I was pointed in the absolute wrong direction when it hit me.

Abraham: We don't call it wrong direction we call it opposite of the self-created flow. And this is so easy for us to explain because we know how the flow got there. We know the Well-Being in the Flow. We know the Eternal Legacy of the Flow.

And so you just can't not let yourself stay up to speed with Who You Have Become. And you can - you all can - can you not feel the intensity of him? And so when you are so clearly focused, and you are opinionated, which is a wonderful thing, and you are willing to get out there in the world and dive in to issues, the more you do it the more you say, I want it this way and this way and this way and this way and the more you get your stream going.

But we really want to emphasize it's your stream. You're not creating the world's stream. You're creating your stream. And as you get your stream really moving then it really behooves you to go in the direction of your stream. And when you don't, you'll get sick.

Guest: You know it'd be great if you were like a 200 lb man that I could wrestle the crap out of. You know, just to play around, just ...that's great, you know. Like two wolves, you know,  just wrestling. Not Esther, Abraham, you know. (Audience Laughter)

Abraham: In time you will come to appreciate the power of thought over any possible physical prowess.

Guest: Laughs. [Audience applause.]

Abraham: And the thing that is so interesting with people who want to wrestle with us, is that what they forget every time is that you've never ever had anybody in all of your life more on your side than we are. So it's such an interesting thing as we wrestle towards the same end of your success because you can't beat us.

Guest: Oh, I don't want to beat you. I just want to tumble with ya...

Abraham: What we're getting at is that we're unbeatable because we're not in competition. In other words, you can't beat us because your win is Ours. Oh, that's so good. That's really worth thinking about because that means that when... as we play together, you can't help but give birth to greater clarity, and then we turn our undivided attention towards that which you have become, and then we radiate it so powerfully and call you toward it, you see. Oh, it's great fun.

Guest: Spiritual Orgy.

Abraham: It's great fun for non-physical beings to play with intense humans. It's the best of all worlds. In other words, take that airplane, put it high in the sky, and move it at an incredible rate of speed, and go with the flow of it, nothing is more exhilarating than that. Put it on the ground, not so fun.

Guest: Right. Right.

Abraham: Good.

Guest: [Simultaneously] Good. Nice to meet you.

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  1. Not a comment, a question: what does "Illness is me in my physical body having created a faster a current than me with my thoughts and beliefs will let myself go with." mean? More specifically, what does "having created a faster a current" mean? Isn't there an error here? Otherwise, can somebody please explain it? Thank you!

  2. "Having created a faster current" means basically the intensity of your emotions and desires. So illness, according to Abe, is a form of resistance to this current in the form of our thoughts and beliefs. You can tell when you are resisting because you have negative emotion in the moment.

    PIcture someone in their intensity taking the lift up to a black diamond ski run and then not quite being able to handle going so fast and falling or stumbling on the way down.

  3. I understand all the resisting part but where I get lost and confused is how do I tell what it is I am resisting?

  4. Hi,

    In the larger sense you are resisting the stream of life. More specifically , you go moment by moment. If you feel negative emotion, check yourself and see what you are thinking about negatively in that moment.

    Or from Abe:

    One bite at a time.

    As we feel you here, we can feel a lack of focus in the sense that you want to talk about 50 subject all at once. Life does not give you 50 subjects all at once.

    Life gives you one subject at a time and you have an emotional response to it. So, we are encouraging you to take the subject that is active in the moment.

    So, if you feel happy in the moment the feedback is : you are right on track. If you feel less than positive emotions, then there is some work to do.

    We are encouraging you to stop and do that work and before you know it, you have cleaned so much up and you will be in the vortex the majority of the time.

    I'll post the youtube this is from later today for anybody that is interested.