Friday, April 9, 2010


Abraham - Fort Collins, CO  6/14/03

 Abraham: Watch for the evidence that the universe offers incessantly to help you feel valued. In other words, Esther loves it when she is driving, and a thought will occur to her and at the same moment she will look over and see something that is identical to the thought. And she just smiles and feels warm all over as she knows that we are all in this together. In other words, she knows that it something that was much bigger than her own mind. This is the thing that we want you to begin to feel, is that, something that is much bigger than the brain that you were born with is the mind that is the Source that is within you.

You are never, ever, ever alone. You are always embraced. You are always understood. You are always adored. You are always cared for and well-being is always pre-paved before you. In other words, you do live in an environment of absolute grace. And the more you practice thoughts of that and watch for evidence of that and speak it, beat the drum of it whenever you see it.  In other words, we love it when we hear you say “I am so blessed. I am so blessed.” Because there is something about those words that says at the same time, not only are good things coming to me but I am finally understanding my deservability in the good things that are coming.

When you reach that place you just move from sublime to sublime to sublime to sublime. You are so tuned in to the source you have plenty to give. You never are trying to withhold it. You always have plenty, you are expressing it everywhere you go. People are benefiting. It's like Johnny Appleseed going everywhere, rays of sunshine going everywhere. Benefit surrounding you everywhere you are. Never a feeling of lack, never a feeling of not enough, never a feeling of someone more important than me. 

Certainly a feeling of difference. Certainly a feeling like in the band where everybody plays a different part and together it makes such beautiful music. In other words, not a comparison that that part of the engine is more important than that part of the engine because all parts of the engine are important to the whole. In other words, you just reach this place where you are so satisfied with who you are and your deservability and worthiness becomes a non issue, because you finally accept it. You are worthy. Then you just get on with the blissful joyous creation of expanding the universe.

Oh, life is so good. And we are so appreciative of the part that you play in our expansion.

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  1. thank you so much for your twitter posts - I nearly always follow the links to the blog. Yesterdays topic (smoking) was a real eye-opener for me. Thanks for helping me feel blessed!

  2. Thanks! I know what you mean when one of the excerpts really hits the spot. Good to know.