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Mother's Day Message

Abraham (to a Mom), Syracuse NY, 9/28/2005

Guest: I really would appreciate your help in releasing the resistance of being bossy and not minding my own business, but feeling responsibility. And what are we responsible for? Who are we responsible for? So if we have a label of a Mom…

Abraham: The only responsibility that exists anywhere in the universe as far as we are concerned is the self-imposed responsibility of being who we are.

Guest: So mind my own business what other people might think or say…

Abraham: Jerry and Esther had some great amount of time on the last cruise with two grandchildren and their parents. And Jerry and Esther had several opportunity (sic) to play with Laurel and Kevin. (They are seven and four.)

And as they are playing together they are having extraordinary fun time. All four of them are at the height at of their game of life: laughing, feeling creative, in love with life.  And the sounds of pleasant laughter are wafting through the doorway, down the hallway, and Kevin and Laurel’s parents are standing outside for quite a long time listening to the fun that is going on inside not wanting to interrupt it.

And then Father Mark says to his children, “I used to have a lot of fun like you but now I have to be in charge.

Guest: That’s that feeling.

Abraham: Because as he was listening he could feel the gay abandon that these four were living. J & E felt no responsibility whatsoever for the outcome of these children’s lives. And these children felt no responsibility whatsoever for the outcome of Jerry and Esther's lives. IOW, no one was worried about the outcome. All four of them were focused upon only one thing how much fun can we extract from this moment in time and how many Kikis will join us? How much fun will we have? How much of us can rendezvous in this…

And it was incredible the creativity, and the fun, and the cleverness, and the love, and the joy that the four of them managed to focus there and now. And Father and Mother who are listening close by are feeling the intoxicating draw of such fun, but deliberately holding themselves apart from it because somebody has to be in charge, and there’s this feeling that if you just let fun have its way with you that somehow you will be irresponsible or something will happen if you’re not watching out, if you’re not being careful, you see.

And what we’re wanting you to understand is that when you get into vibrational alignment with who you really are, all of the resources of the Universe are helping you to make the decisions that will keep you upon a path that will please you. You don’t have to hold yourself with any sort of rigid, determined guidance. When you get in the stream of well-being, well-being is the way your life plays out. It just must be, you see.

These parents are perhaps the most freedom-seeking, not only for themselves and for their children, but they still have this overlaying sense of responsibility that you are attempting to describe here. And in fact you used the word, “What is my responsibility?”

And that’s why we say and mean: Your ultimate and only responsibility is self-alignment and when you’ve got that everything else takes care of itself and until you’ve got that you’re just groping around out there in the dark stumbling around having some success and some failures but you have no real sense of what you’re doing, you see. Get Happy and then do anything that comes from that.

So, you’re right, when you’re having an experience when you feel grouchy, or where you feel betrayed, or where you feel dishonored, or where you feel that somebody could be more efficient, and you’ve been striving for efficiency all of your life, and have brought it to an art, and it’s hard to understand why others aren’t willing to at least make the same effort, we say you have to stop and ask yourself what’s really happening with me here? Am I succeeding in the only responsibility that truly matters? Am I in alignment with me?

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