Saturday, August 1, 2009

Abe: All Lack is Degrees of Resistance

Abraham, Philadelphia, PA 10/13/04

If you have physical discomfort in your body it is a result of longstanding resistance which means something has been bothering you a long long time and usually what it boils down to is someone or something has made me, consistently for a pretty good period of time, feel like I don’t have the freedom to be or do or have what I want to do.

And sometimes you can assign it to someone else. Sometimes you can assign it to your own insecurity. Sometimes it’s because there has been or is a dominant person in your experience that always wants to tell you where you are going to go have dinner. And sometimes it’s your own feeling of insecurity that makes you acquiesce to others, but it’s a perception of loss of power or freedom usually.


If you have got a little resistance going on in your vibration, it’s going to show up like emotion. And if you don’t do anything about soothing your thought then it’s going to show up as sensation. And if you don’t do anything about soothing it, then it’s going to show up like stiffness or soreness. And if you don’t do anything about soothing it, now it’s going to show up as stronger diagnosis.

In other words, these are all degrees of resistance
. We think it’s very nice to have a real manifested evidence of vibration, because as you determine to take emotional journeys, not only are you going to feel better, but the sensation will feel better too.

Now we want to say something powerful to you here. Earlier we said to our friend. “Can you have sore hips, which is the action journey, and hopefulness at the same time. So if you can separate those two experiences: there is the way my body feels and there’s the way I feel about the way my body feels. And if you will determine that you are going to feel optimistic about the way your body feels now the other part of it must turn around.

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