Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Abraham: Keep to Vision in Committee

Abraham, Tallahassee, FL, March 30th, 1997

This is the best way to work on a committee: Identify what it is that you most want and envision that joyful blissful outcome, and as you hold that image in your mind, people who have never said anything positive in their life will surprise you. But if you show any vibrational pushing against what they are wanting, then instead, you evoke a defensiveness from them that makes them come on stronger. In other words, it’s like the wrestlers. The stronger you are the stronger you are the stronger you are the stronger you are until eventually you are defeated by the sheer weight and time of the event. It’s exactly opposite the way Creation really works.

We would stay away from committees if we were in your physical shoes because it is very difficult to sit in the midst, of and observing, people pushing against and not feel your own defensiveness come forth.

We would committee from afar. We would stand back with an overview, and we would not get close enough to get a whiff of what they’re all pushing against, but we would attract enough information that we could make a very clear decision about what is wanted, and then we would Script it and Focus Wheel it and imagine it and pretend it, and stand back smiling as it comes in to be. As long as you don’t feel that you need the credit, then you don’t need to attend the meetings. Good.

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Blogger's note: And isn't life just one big Committee, sometimes?

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