Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Abraham: Feel Good NOW. It's crucial.

Abraham, 10/9/04-A, Tarryton, N.Y.

No matter where you’re standing, if it isn’t pleasing you, just remind yourself it’s not done. And then take the oh-so-easy, very short time emotional journey and show yourself how you can put ease in your experience...NOW...RIGHT NOW...NOW...RIGHT NOW...NOW...RIGHT NOW and then watch what happens. All of your power is NOW! NOW! This is your point of attraction. NOW.

Do you know that here you are and everything is actualizing around you NOW. So here you are in your NOW and everything is actualizing around your now. So your future experience that you are going to walk into is actually lining up in response to your vibrational output NOW. Interesting, isn’t it? So as you are ornery and upset or in despair, your future experience is lining up in response to that right now.

So you say, “But I have good reason!”

And we say who cares?

“But I have good reason to feel this way!” We say it doesn’t matter you’re still messing up your future experience.

“But Abraham, I know I’m right! This is the way that it is! I’m only speaking the truth!” We say, we know and your future is going to be full of it (laughter). Your future is going to be full of more of this truth that you’re feeling uncomfortable about NOW.


So, you’ve just got to decide that you’re going to do the best that you can now to feel good and stop making excuses about why you don’t feel good now by charting all of the statistics of reasons why you’re justified in not feeling good.

Who cares? It doesn’t matter.You’re right...you should feel bad. But feeling bad only makes tomorrow worse! You’ve got to feel good NOW! You’ve got to make up your mind that nothing is more important than how I feel NOW. Because NOW is everything. NOW is the whole enchilada. NOW is the power of me. Now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now!

And if I practice NOW feeling good, there’s a better chance that tomorrow I’m going to feel good too. You might as well start somewhere and it might as well be NOW. Why not start improving your life now? Now. Now. Now.

But you’ve got to stop comparing what’s happening to you and what’s happening to anybody else. Because you don’t know what they’ve been launching into their experience. You might meet someone who is thriving NOW and you might feel jealous that they are thriving NOW, and your jealousy about them thriving now will keep you from ever thriving as long as you feel jealous. You’ve got to feel appreciation! You’ve got to feel love! You’ve got to understand that well-being flows to everyone and you might as well start your flow NOW!

So you see someone who’s thriving and you’re not. Maybe it’s with health, maybe it’s with love, maybe it’s with money. They are thriving abundantly and you’re not. And your tendency is to criticize them or find fault with them or to feel inferior to them. All negative emotions, all squelching your wellbeing and all messing up your future experience.

So instead you stop and you say, “I don’t like that he’s doing better than I am doing” (squelching). “His father probably bought that for him” (squelching). “He probably knows people in power” (squelching). “Somehow, he’s managed to get in vibrational alignment with what he wants,” (alignment).

In other words, when you compare your resources now with someone else’s, the only comparison that you could possibly be making is how in alignment they are with what they want and how in alignment you are with what you want. And that’s the only justifiable equation that makes sense.

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