Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Early Abraham: Trying to Fix Others' Lives

Abraham from  8-29-1992

Abraham: The most important thing that we would like you to hear from us is that you came forth in this physical experience because you are a magnificent creator. You did not come forth to fix anyone…to fix anything for anyone else. 

You have such wanting for all to be well. You have within you an Inner Being that is such pure, positive energy that when you are experiencing less than pure, positive energy, you can’t stand it, and when you see those who are important to you experiencing anything less than pure, positive energy, you really can’t stand that. 

So you think that you should orchestrate something in order to make things better for them. And all that happens is they hate you for it. Because you can not want for another. Nor can you attract for another. They become resistant. They say “Nothing is broken here. Back away. Leave me alone. Let me live my own life.” And you are saying “But I want you to be happy”.

Now the way you assist another is by acknowledging that they are here to figure it out on their own. And the sooner you say to them, “You are smart. You are beautiful. And I know you can do it. And I’m out of here,” the better off all of you will be. Release them to their own creation. However you think it is good, or however you think it is bad. Let them do it.

And as they do, they will discover their own strengths, their own weaknesses. As they discover their own strengths and their own weaknesses, at least they will understand how the game is played, you see. We do not know one person in your life that does not have within them Inner Being of Pure Positive Energy.

Your dominant goal as you came forth was to be a catalyst to help them get connected to that. And that has been your goal all along. That has been your overt wanting. That has been what you have been moving toward whether it is a work relationship, whether it is your marriage relationship, whether it is your family relationship, whether it is a friendship relationship. You are here passionately wanting to make the world to be a better place.

But as you see the world not going too well—even in this relationship that you are currently focused upon—then you think you must fix it. But you make all your attempts to fix it from a place of disconnectedness when you have no power, no clarity.

You are getting a sense of what we are talking about?

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