Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seth: Media Confirms Negative Mass Cultural Beliefs Part 3 (Long)

(Seth: The Personal Sessions, aka as The Deleted Sessions from 12/03/77.)

Continued from Part 2:

This session must be taken into consideration with other ones, for I am making certain points here that are important, but that do not of course stand alone. You can if you prefer forget terms like hypnosis, but between tonight's and next Saturday night's session, I strongly advise that you take a half-hour: it can be nap time. Or any time.

Have Ruburt lie of the bed comfortably. You sit beside him or lie on the bed as you prefer-but verbally reassure him. Tell his body that the muscles can relax, that you are there, and it is safe for him to let go. Use relaxation techniques, as in hypnotic techniques, if you want. I have mentioned this before.

Often I do not state the reasons for such suggestions. To some extent - underlined and qualified - you hypnotized yourselves into your view of reality. You helped Ruburt form his. You have not taken my suggestion before for a very simple reason: part of you, Joseph, was not ready to reassure Ruburt in such a fashion, for you were not certain that it was safe to relax in such a world, and you did not want to lie to Ruburt because you believed the newspaper world so thoroughly - with all, now, of its implications, as Ruburt did.

Such an event represents an intent on both of your parts, you see, a joint effect, a changing of bodily response to a situation.

The newspapers act as hypnotic suggestion of a potent kind.

There is no one present who can confirm the newspaper's evidence. You cannot ask questions of a newspaper, or of a news program. The entire pattern of these latest sessions deals with your inner reactions to your beliefs about yourselves and the world. Tonight I am dealing with a specific area.

To some extent, however, these newspaper beliefs shut you off from full utilization from Framework Two's potency.

Hopefully, I am teaching you to reorganize your inner lives, so that you attract the best to yourselves from inner and outer reality.

Your suggestions to Ruburt along psychic lines were excellent - that he do more energy experiments. His own intention to try out of- body experiments again is also excellent because it shows a change of intent.

I want you to encourage his bodily relaxation in the same manner, creatively. You do not take chances, creatively or any other way, unless you allow your curiosity and exuberance some free play.

If the world seems too unsafe, you set up projections often against shadows, because you have accepted those shadows unthinkingly as facts.

Those ideas, mentioned earlier, even inhibit the free creative flow of our books into the world to some extent, for you do not have as clear a channel as possible.

Never compare the sale of our books to the sale of other books.

Different realities are involved-and you can then get involved with cross purposes. I have said what I intended to say. Again, these sessions are more packed than you realize. Each suggestion I give you is not only given for a reason, but has within it potentials that of course remain latent unless the suggestion is followed.

Do you have any questions?

("No, I guess not.")

(c) Robert F. Butts

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  1. Nihal of mperies@yahoo.comSeptember 15, 2009 at 3:16 AM

    In order to attract the best to ourselves from inner and outer reality, we must set up projections that constantly challenge accepted "facts".