Saturday, September 12, 2009

Abraham's 30-Minute Energy Alignment Process

Excerpt from Abraham's latest book "The Vortex" p. 39

Find things in your immediate vicinity--such as your bed, your bed linens, and your pillow--to direct your appreciation toward. Then set your intention to sleep well and to awaken refreshed. When you find yourself awake in the morning, like in more appreciation for at least five minutes, and then refresh yourself by bathing and eating. Then, sit for 15 minutes and quiet your mind. Feel whatever resistance you may have fall away, and feel your Vibration rise. Then open your eyes, and sit for five or ten minutes writing a list of things you appreciate about your life.

In doing this Energy-alignment work, your point of attraction will not only yield to you activities and rendezvous with good-feeling people, places, and things - but your ability to experience the delicious depth of them will be dramatically enhanced. Rather than doing things and going places to try and make yourself feel good, deliberately get to feeling good - and let those things and people and places come to you. It is possible that once you come into alignment with who-you-really-are, you will gravitate to a different relationship. But it is also likely that the relationship that you are already in was attracted from your point of being in alignment to begin with, and now that you have achieved alignment again, it will renew itself for you.

If you entered your current relationship from a place of mostly-alignment, its potential for returning to a wonderful feeling-place is great. If you entered this relationship because you were in the process of escaping form something unpleasant, then the basis of this relationship may be more about what you do not want than about what you do want.

In any case, getting yourself feeling good before you take any action is always the best process; and when you do not feel good, you cannot be inspired to any action that will solve the problem

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