Sunday, September 27, 2009

Seth: Love is Always a Protection

Seth, The Early Sessions, Book 4, Session 176

(Blogger's Background Note: Jane/Ruburt's mother was bedridden throughout most of her childhood and could be very emotionally abusive.)

Seth: He [Ruburt] would do his mother no harm, and for this reason she can do him no harm. The desire and the intent to do violence almost inevitably brings forth violence. We are involved here in somewhat of a basic problem, hardly Ruburt's alone, that will someday take up many sessions. For like does indeed attract like. If you hate, you will be hated. You will attract hate.

There are definite reasons for this. The reasons have been known and forgotten, but the very practical fact remains. If Ruburt would indeed do his mother harm if the opportunity presented itself, then he would indeed be in danger of harm...

...Ruburt's love for you, his ABILITY to love in general, is his protection. So he has nothing to fear. Love is ALWAYS a protection, in a quite literal manner; in a biological and electromagnetic and chemical and psychic manner.

(c) Robert Butts


  1. Very nice...obvious in the context. Thanks...I think what I was really looking for was what I found...looking for this...ha ha ha..session 774. You are the best. Thanks for taking the time to put this up.

  2. sorry 776. not important now...but it was then. thanks again. very soothing.