Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You Cannot Have a Problem and a Solution at the Same Time

Abraham-Hicks, Detroit 9-22-07

There are so many things that you want somebody else to do something so you can feel better, and we say, friends, you gotta give that up. You're living a very conditional love. You're saying, that condition feels good to me, and that condition feels bad to me, so make that condition more like that condition and then I'll feel better. And we say, what you're doing is sort of sloppy thinking. You're saying, I don't ever wanna have to deliberately direct my thoughts. I want somebody to figure out how to control the world so I can just sloppily look around and most of what I see will make me feel good.

And we say, that isn't what you want at all. You want the variety, and you want the discipline, and you want to turn your thoughts toward those things that are a vibrational match to who you really are. You want to use your willpower, you want to use your determination, you want to use resources, your facilities, you want to use your valor, you want to use everything you've got girded up. You want to use that toward directing thought. If you will direct your thought toward things that feel good you will not have a problem in the world. You cannot have a problem and a solution at the same time. You got one or the other. Which are you beating the drum of? Isn't that powerful?!

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