Saturday, September 26, 2009

Evolution, in a Long-Term Committed Relationship?

Abraham, The Law of Attraction in Action DVD Series, Episode VII, Disk 1

But we would like you to understand that moving from relationship to relationship to relationship is not the answer and that in fact the true relationship you seek is the relationship with Source. If you will tend to that relationship, if you will care about how you feel, if you will care about seeing this relationship through the eyes of Source, every relationship could be the long-term committed relationship you are talking to and the expansive, growth relationship you're talking about.

It's easy if you don't like something to just throw it away and start over, but you take yourself with you. And whatever went wrong in your last relationship, we promise you will go wrong in this relationship unless you've done something about changing the vibration. And by changing the vibration, we don't mean just go to another person! We mean do something about changing the vibration, and when you change the vibration you'll evoke from this relationship something different just as you would evoke from a new relationship. So whether you stay or go is not the issue. The issue is - am I tending to the relationship between ME and me first? And once I do that, I will find joy wherever I stand.

You can get so good at your alignment that you could have a wonderful relationship with ANYBODY. With anybody! But you have of course, through your physical experience, given birth to all kinds of preferences and those preferences should be met. You should be able to live with the kind of person that you want to! They should look the way you want them to look, they should behave the way you want them to behave. We don't want you to say: "You can behave in any way you want to behave and I'll just joyously bip along and be your doormat and do whatever it is that you want me to do!" That's not what we're saying at all!

The Art of Allowing doesn't mean let the other get away with things that bother you. The Art of Allowing means tuning myself to the point that I'm not bothered and then they CAN'T do things that bother you! Nobody can consistently give you something you do not want unless it is active in your vibration. And if it is active in your vibration you want to blame the other one because it wasn't active in your vibration before you observed their behaviour. But we want you to take control of your own experience by saying "I'm in charge of the way I feel because I'm in charge of where I give my attention." I can see through the eyes of Source or not. It's that simple.

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