Friday, April 10, 2009

Abe: An Artist Looking for Alternative Sources of Income
Part 1

Abraham -– Albuquerque, N.M., 7/21/01

Q: I'm an artist, and I've been looking for a complementary source of income. And what I'm looking at doing is t....

Abe: (Interrupting) 'Complementary' meaning...?

Q: ...consistent -– so that I can, I'm doing my art work, and something that I can do alongside of it... that's lucrative and....

Abe: So you're sort of wanting to orchestrate the way in which your dollars flow rather than just opening and letting them roll in however they will?

Q: Yes. (Laughs. Laughter from audience.)

Abe: Here's the reason that you're doing it.

Q: Okay.

Abe: You've heard us say in lots of different ways today that when you have a desire that you believe, now you're in vibrational harmony with it, there's no resistance to your desire and so you allow it to be. And so we think that what you're saying is, "I have this desire and I can believe it coming in this way."

Q: Mm-hm.

Abe: But then again, if you really believed it, it would already be coming in this way. And so our question to you is: do you think that it is more believable that the Universe would yield to you the abundance that you're asking for without you specifying the path through which it comes or do you think that you need to specify the path through which it comes in order to believe it?

Q: I guess I'm having trouble seeing it....

Abe: Well, we know, because you keep thinking you need to justify the way it comes. We've been talking all day long and still almost none of you believe that if you ask it is given. (Laughter from Q and audience.) What you believe is "If I ask and then if I work really hard and if I offer this talent or if I go to school this long or if I get these marks on the chart or if I have this reward or if I go to work and give these hours or if I do this and do this and do this, if I suffer in this way or if I suffer in this way or if I deprive myself in this way, then it will come," and we say that's going about it the hard way. And so what would it take for you to believe that when you ask it is given? You know the only reason that you don't believe that when you ask it is given is because you've been asking and it's being given but you haven't been letting it in, so then you think that you've been asking and it isn't being given. (Q is laughing during this) But it isn't that you've asked and it isn't being given, it's that you've asked and it is being given and you haven't been letting it in.

Q: Well....

Abe: And you have to accept that. In other words, spend three days really remembering that. Spend three days really reminding yourself. Every time that you acknowledge something that you want and you acknowledge how long you've been asking for it and you acknowledge that it hasn't been happening, stop and say, "The reason that it hasn't been happening is because I've been doing that thing I do where I don't let it in." 

Q: And just go to the mailbox? (Laughs.)

Abe: Or whatever. An idea will come. Someone will suggest something, you'll follow through with it. A check will come in the mail that you did not even know was coming for some reason. In other words, all kinds of things happen, all kinds of things even beyond your ability to right now imagine, because the Universe has all kinds of eyes and information that you have forgotten about completely, you see.  (continued tomorrow)

Abraham -– Albuquerque, N.M., 7/21/01

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