Sunday, April 5, 2009

Seth on Government Spending, Public Works, and Taxes

The Personal Sessions, Book 5, page 33-34 (Also known as the Deleted Sessions)

"Now: in your country, generally speaking, rich and poor alike are provided with a multitude of services--many of course that are taken for granted.

The rich cannot buy a better light bulb than the poor-though they may have chandeliers galore, and electricity flows in your country through the poorest and richest areas as well. The rich and poor alike are provided with fire protection and police protection. The rich do not have purer water than the poor. Rich and poor alike walk down the same city streets. The same street does not suddenly become gold beneath the foot of the rich man and woman-and pot-holes in city, state, or government roads are felt alike by the tires of the Cadillac and the lowly Volkswagen.

The sewer pipes carry away drainage from apartment houses and mansions and from trailers as well, eventually, and all of that must be paid for by the people.

When you were a young man in New York City, bringing in the cash, your paid your taxes without a qualm. After you and Ruburt met, you had little-enough money for some time, as you tried to find your way, and you had little taxes at all. You had enough to eat, and a warm apartment, so you were hardly deprived--either of you.
Though you paid little taxes, the fire and police protection were not withdrawn, and all of the services continued. Later it seemed that the two of you made your way alone almost as aliens in your society, couched only by your own joint courage and determination. Then, when you began to make decent money, you resented giving it to the government--for the reasons just given, and because the government, it seemed, was built upon beliefs with which you could find no accord. So why should you so support it, when all that you had achieved was gained in spite of your society?

Yet that government did indeed couch you, and now through your taxes you couch other younger people, who cannot contribute as yet. There is no doubt that the very wealthy abuse the system, and yet all in all it is a good one, couching the young while they learn, and is so doing, providing a basis from which new beliefs can indeed emerge.

There are many on the edge of the system who are being carried, of course, and who also misuse the privilege. Despite that, however, at a physical level, your money is turned to help others at one level, while your work allows you the freedom of creativity, and the PRIVILEGE of helping at a still higher level.

Ruburt rather good-naturedly appreciates being in the position of paying taxes, since his upbringing was at the taxpayers' expense. I know you understand this-but carried to the extreme, that resentment would allow you barely enough to live on, and you actually would refuse to make money, because you so resent the high taxes connected with a good living. Yet financial security is important to both of you, because it allows you the freedom to create as you choose, and to follow this path. Yet remember that for all of its failings, your peace of mind is also the result of the American services that were available when you did not have much money, as they are now.

© Rob and Laurel Butts

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