Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Q to Abe: I want a foot.

Abe: And so what we're suggesting is that you decide with only one criteria in mind -- how does this beating of the drum feel? Is this life-giving? Does this feel good to me? And if it doesn't, put your sticks down right now. Sit on your hands for just a minute. In other words, do everything that you can to case the beating of this drum. Which means, first of all, STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. That's the very first thing that you can do -- stop talking about it. The next thing is stop thinking about it. But you can't stop thinking about something that you're thinking about because Law of Attraction says, "Think about this! Think about this! Think about this! Did you look at this?"

And so as you're sitting on your hands and determining that you're not going to think about it, the next logical thing is, well then what can I think about? And pick something that feels just a little better than that. And before you know it those thoughts will be so far distant, you will have left the beating of that drum so far behind that you will wonder why you ever beat that drum.

Q: But will that change the state of the amputated foot? Will that make the foot grow back?

Abe: Not now. Not in this moment. But we love this question because you've gone right to the heart of what most people ask: "If I follow this process that you are offering, will I then jump from where I don't want to be over to where I do want to be?" And what we want to say is no, not right now. And it shouldn't matter -- that's not the reason that we encouraged you to do it. The reason we encourage you to do it is because you're sucking the life out of yourself with this thought. Why not get a little life back right now? In other words, the answer is: you'll feel better right away, whether the foot grows back or not.

So the question that we'd like to put to you is do you want to be miserable without a foot or happy without a foot?

Q: I want a foot.

Abe: And if you will say, "That's not my criteria, Abraham. I want a foot. I want a foot. I want a foot. And if I can't have a foot then I'm going to be miserable." And we say, but if you're miserable because of this, now you're depriving yourself of this and this and this, until eventually you say, "I'm miserable without a foot, I'm miserable without any teeth, I'm miserable without any money, I'm miserable without a mate. I've pinched off all of my well-being off because I was fixating on this thing that I could not have."

And we say, if you could just try to be joyful anyway. Just try to make the best of where you are anyway. It is our promise to you that it just gets better and better and better and better and better. And it doesn't take very many like that before all kinds of means to provide all kinds of feet begin to come forth. And you say, "But it's not the kind of foot I wanted. This isn't the kind of foot that I wanted, it's a cumbersome foot." And we say just relax, keep making the best of it. The Universe has the capacity to yield to you such fantastic things that you can't hold the Universe hostage with your distorted bargains. You have to get in sync with well-being in order to live well-being. There are no holds barred here -- you have to say, "Joy is what matters, and I will find joy."

Abraham Hicks: Tarrytown, N.Y., 5/10/03B

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