Saturday, April 11, 2009

Abe: An Artist Looking for Alternative Sources of Income Part 2

 Abraham : Albuquerque, N.M., 7/21/01 (cont. from yesterday)

Q: I've had some experience of that.

Abe: (Immediately:) Like what?

Q: Well (laughs -- laughter from audience), um... I got a check for $14,000 last December before the house payment was due, and (laughs)....

Abe: Get out of the chair! (Laughter from audience.) That was strong evidence, wasn't it?

Q: Yeah! Yeah! (More laughter.)

Abe: In other words, that was strong, strong, strong, strong, strong evidence, you see. That was really good evidence. Talk about that often. Regurgitate the feeling of that on a really regular basis. Yes. What else?

Q: (Laughing.) It was like the night before, you know? It was like, "How are we gonna make the house payment?" And then it was -– it's just that uneasiness before it.

Abe: Can you see how your life experience answered your question a thousand times better than any words that we've given you, if you just remember that experience? Have there been other experiences?

Q: Well, we just sold our house in a seller's market, and the buyers came and bid it up way over the asking price. (Laughter from audience.)

Abe: It is interesting how hard you hold to your limitations (laughter from audience) amid such evidence of well-being. (More laughter.) Well, we're playing with you because [what you do] is sort of habit -– in other words, it ties in to what we talking about earlier. You're just sort of committed to struggle, most of you, or committed to hacking out your own path. 

And so it's the same sort of thing. You have much reason to expect well-being to flow. Just practice that. And most significantly, catch yourself in the act of not expecting it and then laugh about it and reach for a thought that feels better, and watch how fast things begin to avalanche into your experience.

-– Abraham -– Albuquerque, N.M., 7/21/01

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