Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Abe on the Belief in Genetic Impossibility

Q: But what about genetics. Why are some crippled and messed up when they arrive? If I could find a way to change my expectation, then could I become taller at age 37? It doesn't bother me being this short now, as it did in the past, but could I change it if I had the desire to do so?

ABE: In that irritative mode you are LOCKED OFF. How about finding ways to prove to yourself that the universe is responding to you, but start with something small. And as you begin to diminish the number of times you do THAT THING THAT YOU DO then you will have absolute control over anything you want to change.

But as you express the desire-- you are really asking "could I do this IMPOSSIBLE thing?" and we say NO. When you desire to do something that you feel is impossible, you are wasting your time. To say I want it and I don't believe it is possible, is not a match. You must be a match to your desire with your BELIEF / EXPECTATION in order to allow it to come.

If you look around you will see evidence all over the place of people who are letting it in and people who are not letting it in. And what they are DOING DOING DOING doesn't have anything to do with what they are GETTING GETTING GETTING. It only matters how they are FEELING FEELING FEELING! SO GET THE STRUGGLE OUT OF THE EXPERIENCE!

When you realize that your life depends, that your very LIFE FORCE depends upon how you feel in any moment, then you will not be so willing to focus upon what feels bad. When you realize that every bit of attention you give to it, LOCKS you OFF.

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